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We're a BUYERS GROUP for Home Owners / Renovators / Investors


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RenoSave is the only membership that  saves you serious money on anything you need for maintaining, renovating and improving your property. 

It will help you to save time and  reduce stress

Keep Your Reno on Budget

Buying groups and cooperatives are nothing new, but this is the first one for the Homeowner - like you.

If you're a Savvy renovator you know that you need to save as much as you possibly can on your home maintenance and home improvements.
The amount you outlay on your home maintenance and on any home improvements is a major financial expense.
Don’t be taken in by the fantasy of any not-so-real reality renovation shows you may have seen on TV. Spend too much and you stand to lose – thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands - if you get it wrong.
AND don’t be fooled by false promotions and unhelpful promises.
You need deals on premium products and services and you want them to be available to you any time you need them, as many times as you need them.
You need deals with leading National brands and industry icons, as well as excellent smaller nearby Statewide and local operators.
You need deals that are available all day, every day, all year – so when YOU are ready, they are there for your convenience and benefit.



 "I just used Highgrove - excellent. Their website is great and I had everything picked out before visiting store and loading up ute." (H Oates)

"We have just started a Reno on our bathroom.
It was a nice surprise that when I looked at our Renosave card I can use it for so many of our purchases.
So don't forget to get the card out, you maybe surprised like me.."  ( Lorraine A)


The Best Value Deal You've Ever Had  - or Your Money Back

RenoSave is a Club for Renovators / Homeowners / Investors.

You want great deals.  We give you great deals.

As a RENOSAVE Member , YOU get to benefit from the deals.

Save your time

Don't spend hours running around chasing deals.
Your time is valuable

Individuals just can’t get the deals that RenoSave members get.

When you join the RenoSave Club
you use our extensive partner network to save time, reduce stress and keep money in YOUR pocket .

You will be amazed and excited about the incredible deals available to you and the sensational savings that you make when you purchase your everyday maintenance and home improvement supplies with the deals that the RenoSave Team have negotiated for you.

It’s so devastatingly simple!

It's a discount club for your home improvements and it's awesome!

Home Owners Save up to 30% on Costs With the RenoSave Club

A Day at Dreamworld with the Savings
"I had a new wardrobe installed in my home and used my membership to purchase the wardrobe through RenoSave Partner Wardrobe Connection. I saved  $300 and with the $300 savings, I took the family to Dreamworld!  No only am I happy but so is the family." George QLD

Money for Nothing - and the Dishwasher and Stove for Free
"I'm an investor and just had new carpet laid in 5 rooms of a rental property with  Carpet Call.  My RenoSave Card saved $1400 on the carpet. The savings paid for a new dishwasher and stove for the rental property. Needless to say, the weekly rental income and valuation of the property have increased significantly. Thanks RenoSave"Mary QLD

Thank You
".... Thanks for putting together the Reno discount card, it has saved us thousands on our current Reno. We saved $100 on paint and have saved heaps by using the 25% discount at kitchen connection for our kitchen." B&R, QLD

“Bought the card at the home show and have already saved the cost of it on house paint !!! Very happy.” C.W. QLD

The Best Way to Save Serious Time and Money on Home Improvement

  Try these Nationwide Iconic Names on for a start :

National Retailer

RenoSave Member Savings

HARVEY NORMAN COMMERCIACommercial Prices on Kitchen Appliances - Air-Conditioning - Plumbing

NATIONAL TILES offers Reno Save Members

Builders Pricing on Floor and Wall Tiles



10% off Normal Prices


25% on Kitchens

CARPET CALL - Wholesale Rate for Carpet 


Guaranteed best rate plus a further 15% off

WATTYL - Trade Discount on Top Quality Paint


15% off Bricks and Pavers  plus free delivery for orders over 2 Pallets


20% on Lighting - Quality Brands

These are just a small handful of the large number of RenoSave Deals you can save with.

You get SAVINGS worth $1000's

Click the  “All Deals” button on our top menu to see all of the current Partners – and remember, the list grows weekly!


BENEFITS of RenoSave Membership

Your own personalised membership card entitling you to shop with an ever-increasing selection of well-respected, quality and in-demand providers of home improvement supplies and services, is speedily delivered to your door.

As a RenoSave Club Member you become a member of an exclusive group who are entitled to a wide range of devastatingly good Deals on home improvement materials and services, negotiated especially for you.

Exclusive Access to Huge Savings – in some cases as much as 30% - on premium products. Don’t be mistaken – these aren’t any rubbishy ends-of-stock or sell-out seconds. These aren’t bargain basement products that are available to you until they run out, or until the EOFY, or until a certain date. These huge Deals are on premium products and services that you want available to you, any time you need them, as many times as you need them. These huge Deals are with leading National brands and industry icons, as well as excellent Statewide and local operators in your area.

Access to your own RenoSave Buying Team on our +61403997111 phone number. You have your own dedicated team of experienced renovators working for you to get red-hot Deals on all the essential home improvement supplies and services you need. These are renovators who consistently add well over $3 of value for every $1 they spend on their renovation.  You can call and speak to us to help you find reputable suppliers of products and services.  This member benefit alone will more than save you your membership fee.

New Deals are added constantly. There are continually more and more new ways that you save money on the necessary items that you buy for your home improvements and everyday home maintenance.

Better than ‘deal-a-day’ type offers that are all the rage right now. RenoSave Deals are available all day, every day, all year – so when YOU are ready, they are there for YOUR convenience and YOUR benefit! The benefit is all yours, to reap when YOU choose.

Better than those collecting points systems on loyalty cards, which can be great, but no single store can give you absolutely everything you need. And with store cards you need to spend literally hundreds or thousands of dollars to get – what – a 10% discount? You spend, spend, spend then get a tiny reward. That’s outrageous, when you think of it. RenoSave Deals save you 10, 20, 30% from the get-go. You save, save, save as you spend. There is no qualifying period.

You need Help negotiating a deal  - let us know!  We can use the power of members to get that deal across the line for you - When you are part of a Club like RenoSave it benefits everyone.

If you’re hesitant to ask for a retailer’s best price, or have been brought up to be polite and not ask for more than you think you deserve – and let’s face it – that applies to most of us – your RenoSave Buying Team ask the hard questions for you. Your RenoSave Buying Team search, compare, haggle and partner with businesses to bring outstandingly phenomenal deals to you.  You not only save significant amounts of money, you save valuable time as well.

Members-Only access to unique, original, exclusive case studies and stories, interviews and tips and hints to help you add significant value to your home while still sticking to a skimpy budget.  It is not unusual to add 3 to 4 dollars to the value of your home for every 1 dollar you spend using the information available to you as a RenoSave Member.


As Easy As 1-2-3 To Use

It's Just so simple


When you become a RenoSave Club member, you will receive your personalised card in the post.  You will also receive a "Welcome" email containing your Username and Password as chosen on sign up so that you can log into our secure Card Holder area on This enables you access to the vault where all the really clever tips, tricks, guides and insider know-how sits, available to you to access at any time, at your leisure. Your tax invoice will accompany this email


Browse through the vast range of RenoSave Partners and their sensational deals by searching by category under the "Discount Category" menu on the left hand side of the website - or go straight to the bottom of this list and click on "Click Here to See ALL DEALS".


When you decide on the Deal or Deals you want to use (and remember, you can use these Deals as many times as you like, any time that you wish, at any participating Partner outlet that you wish). Read the information available about that Deal and follow the easy 1.2.3. step guide which will tell you " HOW TO GET THIS DEAL".

It's Simple!

Another Client Testimonial

Uundeniable proof of how stunningly effective the RenoSave Club is for this very satisfied RenoSave Card Holder :

"Hi Viv, The renovation was completed early last week. The re-valuation came back $40K more than my actual cost!! Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions especially the privilege of being renosave card member to get very good prices and services from trades. I am having a holiday with kids and will be back to hunt for a next project. Though there were lots of road bumps along the way, It was so much fun."
Pam, Brisbane

Don't pay too much
every time you buy a tin of paint, floor varnish, a shed, electrical appliances, carpet, tiles, decking timber, pergola timber, lighting, landscaping supplies you could be saving money


100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so convinced that you’ll value your RenoSave Club membership  highly, and make such substantial savings from it that we offer a Full
Money-Back Guarantee.

That’s right. If you don’t save the purchase price of your RenoSave Club Membership during the first 12 months of your membership, we give you your money back.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

You have absolute peace-of-mind.

Bonus Gift

Become a RenoSave Club Member Online now, in addition to the risk-free money-back guarantee, we’ll give you our unique and original special bonus.
Our free-gift-with-purchase will give you real value and practical ideas and tips that you will want to and be able to put into place right away!

For purchasing your RenoSave Card online today, we’ll also send you the following Bonus e-book by email :

Bonus Gift

Your Essential Guide to Home Garden Design
How to Get a Great Result and Save Money at the Same Time

Street appeal is all important ..... so you need to get it right from the get-go. This easy to read, no-nonsense e-book guides you as to how to look at your garden ..... Written by the experienced RenoSave Team, who love renovating and love helping their valued RenoSave clients improve the value of their homes for less money, you will find plenty of use to you in this e-book.
Valued at $19.95

This unique, original and value-laden gift is yours to keep just for giving the RenoSave Card a try.
Even if you decide that RenoSave membership is not for you, we still want you to keep and enjoy and benefit from this complimentary RenoSave product.

What You'll Get Total Value
Your own personalized RenoSave Card giving you unlimited access to all special deals with all RenoSave Partners
New, unique e-book : “Your Essential Guide to Home Garden Design. How to get a great result and save money at the same time” to help you add value to your property simply and easily by enhancing street appeal
Access to the RenoSave Team of active and experienced renovators to help you source unbeatable deals on renovation materials and services (easily valued at $200 to $300), but let’s say $97
Access to the RenoSave online vault - full of heaps of renovating tips and proven techniques that will help you add massive value to your property
The RenoSave members-only e-newsletter introducing you to new Partners and their great deals when they come on board; giving you snippets of news and renovating trends, warnings of hazards and potential property-value destroyers and much, much more...
Save time - avoid running around looking for bargins -(Remember Time is Money!) -You have hot deals waiting for you on the renosave website
Avoid that uncomfortable feeling you get just before you ask the friendly salesperson to reduce the price
Peace of mind  at knowing you have bought what you need at great prices so that you can add massive value to your property
100% Money-Back-Guarantee
$Peace of Mind
Total Value in excess of $291.00
You Pay only $39.95 Save $251.05

RenoSave Membership gives you
$1000.00's worth of value

for a tiny once off $39.95

Plus you're still covered by the RenoSave 100% Money-back Guarantee.


Start saving Today!

There has never been a better time to try out the RenoSave Club Membership!





ONLINE. The quickest and most secure way to order your RenoSave Membership is by purchasing online, now with our Secure Server. We accept Visa and Mastercard and PayPal. Click Here to purchase online with our Secure Server.


ORDER BY FAX OR AUSTRALIA POST. Click on the File below 

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to download an Order Form which can be printed and filled out, then faxed to the RenoSave Team, or mailed to us via Australia Post.  (Fax and Address details provided on the form)


ORDER BY PHONE. Phone 0403997111 to speak to the friendly RenoSave Team who will take your details and complete your order for you.

Warm Regards,
The RenoSave Team

P.S. The RenoSave Club is the only discount membership there is that saves you serious money on the stuff you NEED for maintaining, renovating and improving your property.   
If you’re not a RenoSave Card Holder, chances are you’ll pay 10, 20, 30% too much on every item you buy.  Take advantage of our extensive partner network to save time, reduce stress and keep money in YOUR pocket .

P.P.S.  You have an absolutely risk-free opportunity here.  The RenoSave Club Membership is priced at a very reasonable Once off Price of $39.95  and is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You either save substantial amounts of money on your home maintenance and renovation supplies or contact us
and ask for your money back.