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RenoSave is the only membership that  saves you serious money on anything you need for maintaining, renovating and improving your property. It will help you to save time, to reduce stress and Keep Your Reno on Budget
Buying groups and cooperatives are nothing new, but this is the first one for the Homeowner - like you.
DON'T PAY TOO MUCH for HOME IMPROVEMENTSIf you're a Savvy renovator you know that you need to save as much as you possibly can on your home maintenance and home improvements.
The amount you outlay on your home maintenance and on any home improvements is a major financial expense.
Don’t be taken in by the fantasy of any not-so-real reality renovation shows you may have seen on TV. Spend too much and you stand to lose – thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands - if you get it wrong.
 AND don’t be fooled by false promotions and unhelpful promises.
You need deals on premium products and services and you want them to be available to you any time you need them, as many times as you need them.
You get deals with leading National brands and industry icons, as well as excellent smaller nearby Statewide and local operators.
PLUS these deals that are available all day, every day, all year – so when YOU are ready, they are there for your convenience and benefit

Some of our Testimonials

 "I just used Highgrove - excellent. Their website is great and I had everything picked out before visiting store and loading up ute." (H Oates)

"We have just started a Reno on our bathroom.
It was a nice surprise that when I looked at our Renosave card I can use it for so many of our purchases.
So don't forget to get the card out, you maybe surprised like me.."  ( Lorraine A)

A Day at Dreamworld with the Savings
"I had a new wardrobe installed in my home and used my membership to purchase the wardrobe through RenoSave Partner Wardrobe Connection. I saved  $300 and with the $300 savings, I took the family to Dreamworld!  No only am I happy but so is the family." George QLD

Money for Nothing - and the Dishwasher and Stove for Free
"I'm an investor and just had new carpet laid in 5 rooms of a rental property with  Carpet Call.  My RenoSave Card saved $1400 on the carpet. The savings paid for a new dishwasher and stove for the rental property. Needless to say, the weekly rental income and valuation of the property have increased significantly. Thanks RenoSave"Mary QLD

Thank You
".... Thanks for putting together the Reno discount card, it has saved us thousands on our current Reno. We saved $100 on paint and have saved heaps by using the 25% discount at kitchen connection for our kitchen." B&R, QLD

“Bought the card at the home show and have already saved the cost of it on house paint !!! Very happy.” C.W. QLD


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Reno Save is a Club for Property Renovators & Investors

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You will be amazed and excited about the incredible deals available to you and the sensational savings that you make when you purchase your everyday maintenance and home improvement supplies with the deals that the RenoSave Team have negotiated for you.