How It Works

Look at each Partner on the website and the Deal button will take you to another page that shows details on how to get the deal

For Example - these are the 4 ways you can access the special deals

A - Simply present your personal RenoSave Card to our participating Partner locations to benefit from the deal listed. Our Partners have a unique and exceptional value deal available only to our Members, so tell them up front that you have a RenoSave Card and they will give you that special deal.

B - If ordering over the phone or internet, mention your RenoSave Card, quote your name, membership card number and card expiry date.

C - Look at the products in store and then phone our "Special Contact" to arrange for the delivery of the goods

D - Phone Renosave

We are easily contacted on 0403997111 or email address that appear on the reverse of your RenoSave Card, so if you have any concerns, we are here to assist you.