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DON'T PAY TOO MUCH for Maintaining your Property or  Renovating it!!!

If you're a Savvy renovator you know that you need to save as much as you possibly can on your home maintenance and home improvements.
The amount you outlay on your home maintenance and on any home improvements is a major financial expense.
Don’t be taken in by the fantasy of any not-so-real reality renovation shows you may have seen on TV.
Spend too much and you stand to lose –(There's no Scotty in the wings with extra cash!)

Client Testimonials

Undeniable proof of how stunningly effective the RenoSave Club is for this very satisfied RenoSave Card Holder:

"Hi Viv, The renovation was completed early last week. The re-valuation came back $40K more than my actual cost!! Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions especially the privilege of being renosave card member to get very good prices and services from trades. I am having a holiday with kids and will be back to hunt for a next project. Though there were lots of road bumps along the way, It was so much fun."

- Pam, Brisbane

"Don't pay too much every time you buy a tin of paint, floor varnish, a shed, electrical appliances, carpet, tiles, decking timber, pergola timber, lighting, landscaping supplies you could be saving money "

- Anonymous

If you are a Property Investor and don't own a RenoSave card you are losing money!


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It's not just Property stuff we can save you Thousands on giftcards, movie tickets, dinner out and so much more!

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The RenoSave Membership  is the ONLY discount membership that saves you serious money on the stuff you NEED for maintaining, renovating and improving your property.

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You have an absolutely risk-free opportunity here. The RenoSave Club Membership is only $199 for the first year and only $99 a year after that.  If you haven't saved your investment  we  refund you your money back!


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