AirBNB Empire

This topic is one of my absolute favourites and I get so excited when people come to ask for help around short term rental.

This is how I learnt the tricks and tips needed for a successful AirBNB

Airbnb is one of the most rewarding platforms to emerge from the share economy and we are loving the benefits it has for renovators as well as investors.
Learning how to optimize and operate an Airbnb listing can be the difference between making money on a project or getting eaten up by holding costs as a renovator. For the property investors, having a plan B instead of the traditional long term rental strategy is a welcoming breath of fresh air.
We are finding that many of our hosts are taking it to the next level, building hosting businesses which is an effective way of building additional cashflow.
We want all astute renovators and  investors to understand the power of Airbnb, where to use it and how to maximise the return on every listing that they host. On the night, I will cover:
    •    Can I do Airbnb in my area?
    •    How to keep vacancy rates low?
    •    How to multiple listings
    •    How to creat  a successful listing
    •    How to outsource effectively to avoid  "burning out"

And so much more..

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