Beanstalk properties

A boutique agency offering buying services for both home buyers and Investors and developers. 

Jodie Dunstan has taken her love of property from her 20's and merged it with her business acamin to create  a business that helps people  buy a property that is specific to their goals, at  the best possible price and terms.

Jodie also offers  a pre-purchase  services  that may be on interest to our renovator investor  networks. If you are looking for  unbiased feedback and local market knowledge it is worth taking on this service prior to negotiations to help you get the best possible price.


     Assisting buyers who may not have the local market expertise
     Remote investors who have themselves identified a property and purchasing opportunity
     Additional photography or video footage 
     Market comparison
     Due Dilligence

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Tell Jodie you are a RenoSave member and quote your card number for $100 Discount of a pre purchase analysis