Couture Realty

Our Deal that we would like to offer is an exclusive $5000 flat rate off our commission if Couture Realty sells your home as an Exclusive deal to RenoSave Customers.

A Blurb you could us about Couture Realty is -

Couture Realty are Brisbane’s Best Boutique Realtors with independent stat’s showing that over the last 12 months, the Team at Couture Realty sell properties for $46,670 more then the next agent.

Why Couture Realty? 

• A 33 Day Guaranteed Marketing Plan is tailored to your specific property and situation.
• Unparalleled Negotiation skills
• 15 years of Real Estate experience
• Not just 1 agent - but a team of professionals in their own field all working for you.
• Execution, Youth, Spark and Enthusiasm
• Patented Buyer process for a premium Buyer experience.

Check out the Couture Difference below on and contact the team on 
07 3393 2587 to take advantage of the Brisbane’s Best Boutique Realtors for an exclusive to Reno Save customers discounted price.