Flash Hot Water

Alpha Australia’s Award Winning Electric Instant Hot Water Heater

In full Australian Standard compliance to be installed in residential homes and businesses

With the ever increasing Energy & Water cost is not stopping our Alpha Electric instant Hot Water Heaters are now recognised as the immediate simple solution to reduce the waste and would like the opportunity to catch up with you again soon, we have stock and we are looking for Distributors / Installers in your area.

In the past few years we have assisted many families and businesses with energy efficient and power reduction systems. Now, staying in the same tradition.

Alpha Instant Hot Water Heaters are the ultimate replacement to the old power wasting traditional reheating hot water tanks, easy to install and no waste of space.

Ezy Boil Instant Boiling Water Dispenser no pluming required simply plug into your existing 10 amp socket and Boiling water is constantly available whenever you request

Fully Watermark Approved for Australian Conditions

The Opportunity

As one of our valued business partners, your company is offered the opportunity to become a licenced distributor for the world renowned Alpha electric instant hot water units.

Primary benefits :

Power is only consumed when hot water is in use
Hot water is delivered instantly - no waste of water or money going down the drain
Eliminates the old traditional reheating storage tank
Hot Water is continuous - cannot run out
Alpha Hot Water Systems are the ultimate energy efficient heaters

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