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Guttershield G3 (G3 stands for Generation three) are revolutionary gutter protection systems. 

The main aim of the Guttershield G3 gutter protection system is to protect the gutter system to prevent 99% of all leaf entry while still allowing as much rainwater as possible to penetrate the screen and flush the silt and fine leaf particles through the gutter system.  It also still enables both wind and gravity to remove leaf and tree debris off the super slip zone surface of the screen as efficiently as possible.

The Guttershield G3 systems are a result of extensive research and development over 25 years of effective and functional gutter protection methods, materials and unique patented components to conform to the Australian building codes and perform to the highest standards in the extreme Australian environment.

A few of the many benefits associated with the installation of the Guttershield G3 gutter protection system are :

  • protects homes from ember attack from bush fires
  • increases quality and volume of tank water collection
  • eliminates maintenance to gutters and stormwater systems
  • triples the life of gutters & down-pipes
  • vermin proofing
  • estimated service life of 20 to 25 years
  • suits all tile, corrugated and ribbed Iron roofs

Because of the extensive research and development, the Guttershield G3 systems have become the most effective and efficient gutter protection systems on the Australian market today.

Call Chris Adams on 0414 606 135 and tell him you are a RenoSave Card Holder