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6.4KW System with Quality materials

1 x 5 kw Sungrow Inverter (10 yrs warranty)

24 x 265 w HT Panels commercial grade (10 warranty and 25 yr guarantee)

1 x Solar Support Plus Warranty System (exclusive to Nexus Solar)

fully installed and Deliverd - Normally $5990 inc Gst ....... BUT CHECK OUT THE AMAZING PRICE FOR MEMBERS!!!

Also receive a ticket into our Holiday giveaway. $2000 travel Voucher (1 in 20 chance to WIN)

ps I've checked the price and it's cheaper than Gumtree!!

1. Superior

As a premier local alternative energy business, we can guarantee the best service and superior system performance. Whether acquiring your solar system through a solar lease or outright purchase, our finance options are friendly with no money required upfront.

2. Options

Nexus means “connected,” and through our strategic financing and product partnerships, we provide the right solar energy systems for our customers’ specific needs. your content here…

3. Simple

Even with the many options for clean energy, Nexus Solar has emerged as the most outstanding service provider with a track record that speaks for itself. From point of sale to installation, we offer you the kind of experience that is unique to us.

4. Local

Are you in Australia and looking for a reliable solar installation company to give you energy independence and cost saving on your electricity bills? Trust Nexus Solar for clean, affordable energy for much less than you are already paying with your utility company

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