Positive Property Solution Australia

George Markoski

George Markoski helps every day Australians create wealth through residential property investment using tried and tested low-risk methods.

As the Director and founder of Positive Property Solution, George has vast experience and knowledge when it comes to Property and Investing, making him the Mentor of choice for those seeking to invest their hard earned dollars to secure their financial future.

George guides his clients step by step through the Investing experience. Knowing that a balanced portfolio with the right guidance can make all the difference; he believes in helping as many people as he can, empowering people with the knowledge and confidence to achieve their financial goals in life.

George specialises in the following key areas when it comes to his Property Business…

  • How to Eliminate Your Mortgage in 5 to 7 Years
  • How to Get Back  Thousands of dollars of Tax Every Year
  • How to Find High Growth and High Cash Flow Property that will create a Passive Income letting you live life on your terms.

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P.S Whenever you’re ready, here's how George can help you achieve successful investments in property, more money and more time:

Get the 60 minute crash course

This live training will show you how to grow your wealth through property investing. In 60 minutes, George will show you how you can invest in a high growth property for only $30 a week or 1 coffee a day! Click Here LIVE TRAINING


If you want to find out more about George and how he chose to use Property as his vehicle to wealth creation I recommend you his my No.1 Amazon Bestseller "Freedom Through Property" in which he has outlined his 20 year journey in Property and everything that he's learned along the way.