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RENO SAVE DEAL for RPdata National Coverage Real Estate Licence  $135/month
Even if you don't have a current membership you can still get a great deal  ( Saving you $35/month)  That's how important we think it is you get your figures right

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  1. RPDATA  will help you:

Find the old Listings - so you know who may be feeling the need to sell right now
Find the Listings that have been taken off the market - maybe they still want to sell but without the agent fees?
Find those most likely to list! - this is a property professional tool so be up with the best and grab the property before anyone else 
RpData Also helps you to

  1. Understand your market
  2. Get a real understanding of your local market down to an address level or draw your own territory. Rpdata shows you what is for sale, recently sold and conduct research on values and property owners.
  3. Get a feel for who lives in your target area, how they live, their aspirations and their asset base.
  4. Use the mapping tool to easily see prices in your area 

  5. Win new customers with RpData or upsel to existing clients
  6. Buying or selling a home is a significant change of life-stage which has a ripple effect on dozens of different transactions. Identify new buying opportunities by understanding changed ownership status.
  7. See properties that have been on the market for extended periods, or recently sold and who has listed or sold them.

  8. Save time and effort  
  9. Use the intuitive tools within RPData Professional to view, manage and print active listings, produce reports, buy land titles and deliver targeted direct marketing campaigns.
  10. You can even export data to your own database - yes  how amazing to have your own data to play with
  1. Engage with your customers/buyers/sellers
  2. Have more informed conversations with customers based on your knowledge of property pricing, features and ownership status.
  3. Provide accurate reports for pricing estimates or valuations backed by the most up-to-date property information
  4. Get the information you need to contact potential listings .

  5. Mobile access anywhere, anytime
  6. The RPData Pro mobile app means you no longer need to be in the office to maximise productivity.
  7. Research, compare properties and create reports 24/7, at the touch of a button.

RPData Professional is the premier property database tool that powers the real estate and related industries. Our data covers 98% of the market, goes back more than 39 years and is constantly refreshed to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable property information. Our features include:

  • Sophisticated search tools - Find properties easily by searching by street, suburb, postcode or land parcel. Territory search to allow you to custom build your own areas and then quickly filter our data.
  • Custom reports - Track prospects, listings, current and future sales and rentals that are relevant to you.
  • Marketing functions - Filter your search results, then use the information to create targeted marketing campaigns with personalised addresses.
  • Advanced mapping - Helps you see hot spots in your area, measure property boundaries, show distances to local amenities, present aerial maps to customers and much more.
  • Extensive photography - with date stamps so you can see how properties have changed and improved over time

Online/Classroom/Webinar training provided.

RpData Classroom  Training Brisbane QLD

Level 5, 825 Ann Street Fortitude Valley
1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month
Introductory 9:30am - 11.30am
Advanced Real Estate 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Register for training

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