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Semble DIY Flatpack Cabinets

This company is great  Semble is an Australian company, founded in 2013

They believe that with the right materials and know how, anyone can have a beautiful kitchen at the right price.

They have over 60 years of experience and love spending their time helping everyday Australians build their own kitchens.   I can vouch for that as I am one of those people that have been guided and supported every step of the way.

Semble -  Australian Made Flatpacks

Semble stands for exceptional value and for a quality product as well as one that looks great.
We use advanced technology in production, automation and distribution so it is possible to give you factory direct prices.
Flat pack design makes it easy to assemble and affordable to ship

Being made in Australia using Australian made products we have a rigorous quality control
Semble is  enviro-friendly and reliable. There are over 100 products across the range but if you think you need something outside our range then please contact them - They will  let you know if they can assist.

The Semble Promise

Semble isn’t just an online kitchen planner. It’s run by a family team with over 3
generations of kitchen experts, so we know what it takes to get your kitchen built right.
We offer high quality kitchenware and hardware at a price you can afford, the tools to
design and quote it live all online , and a team dedicated to shipping direct to your door,
ready to build, in days.

Design Review

Not sure about your design? We’re happy to be involved and review your designs. From basic technical checks through to advice on filling your space or how to meet a specific budget we are very happy to review any design.
Simply create an account and save your design and let us know how we can assist? Email through your questions to


Request A Sample Kit

Nothing beats the real thing, so we send all our Semble master designers (that’s you!) a free Sample Kit. The kit includes examples of bench tops and colours, so you can see how your new kitchen fits.  Click here to request a Sample Kit



Become an expert Designer!

Are you interested in gaining some practical skills and knowledge before your next project? Try our free design course: delivered by 12 weekly emails and will give you the basic tools & concepts to successfully plan your own kitchen renovation. We cover everything from start to finish! Click here to become a expert designer

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