The Depreciatior

Depreciator Services

Inspection Service
Most properties require a Quantity Surveyor Inspection. Depreciator will provide a $110 discount on the QS Inspection Fee for RenoSave Members For metropolitan areas this should come to $605.00

In House Service
For Homes built before 1985 schedules can be done using photographs of the property and assets.  The Depreciator Team will provide a simple list for you to complete and provide accompanying photos.

Depreciator will provide a $55 discount for Renosave members on the In House Schedule Fee.  For renovated properties, this will come to $330.00

Why do more accountants send their clients to us than any other Tax Depreciation Schedule provider?
They love our new CSV format. It saves your accountant lots of time, and that will save you money.
They know our Schedules are ATO compliant
They know we only use appropriately qualified people on site (you wouldn't believe what some companies get up to)
They know our Schedules are complete, so they don't have to do anything to them. Remember, if your accountant needs to fix up your Schedule, you'll be paying for it twice
They know we are the experts because Depreciation Schedules are all we do - residential, commercial, rural. Australia wide


Is it worth depreciating a property more than a few years old?

Absolutely! You can refer to the above question about 'not only new' properties also. We should add that there a number of properties that have been renovated out there too. There is a great deal of depreciation in properties that have been remodelled, particularly older houses with bathroom and kitchen fitouts. All the new appliances, fittings, fixtures, consultant's fees and labour costs are completely deductible. There are a number of dates that affect these rates as well which we can cover in a quick phone chat on 1300 66 00 33.

Is there anything to Depreciate on a property built before 1985?

Yes there is. EVERYTHING in an investment property has an effective life, therefore being able to be depreciated [click here for an indicative list] . The 1985 rule applies to another component of depreciation on the construction cost. If your investment property was built before 1985 you don't qualify for the flat 2.5% depreciation for 40 years BUT there is often thousands of dollars worth of inclusions aside from construction.

How does depreciation effect capital gains tax?

Claiming the FULL depreciation allowances on your investment property does not adversely affect your capital gains tax position. You are completely entitled to claim ALL deductions and CGT rulings remain the same. You will however be required to add your depreciation deductions to your capital gain when and if you decide to sell your investment. You must remember that the additional cashflow from your depreciation is likely to be far more useful up front than not having it at all. It can be utilised for additional repayments, adding value to your asset or as a buffer for vacancy. If you consider the indexing value, the dollars are actually worth far more to you now than years down the track.

Do I have to do anything special at tax time each year?

Once you have obtained your tax depreciation schedule, you simply take it to your accountant, both decide which depreciation method to use (we provide both methods) and it is lodged with your tax return. The schedule remains valid for this entire time and there is nothing further for you to do. Simple.