Quantity surveyors quite often get to see what's happening first and BMT have shared with us three trends that are emerging as new   ways of property investing 

Before you move on to the creative part of renovation which includes adorning the walls and furnishing rooms with all the new things you have purchased, you need to deal with the residue cement, dirt and grout smears. Your house will probably need a deep-clean after the workers have left the place, so make sure to do it properly and avoid these common mistakes.

Part of your success as a renovator is dependent on the reliability and the work of all of different sorts of trades people. If you want to renovate for profit, you need good, reliable tradies and you need to know what to pay for them - what is realistic? This guide provides you with information on the basic costing of each trade.

Depreciation is a complex area, so unless you’re a specialist Quantity Surveyor or a qualified Tax Accountant, it can be hard to wrap your head around it.

Everybody wants access to great amenities but should they really be a deciding factor during your home hunt? 

Buying a property can be an intimidating process that requires a great deal of preparation and patience. Under extreme pressure, property buyers can easily make mistakes that can be very costly in their future.

How would you like to turn spending into saving.  Extra money in your pocket - just by buying smart.  Renovations, Gifts and outings will all give you money back  - time to save NOW

How to renovate for less and keep under budget.  Using the best tricks to s ave money when you are renovating.

Bunnings runs a Trade expo each year so the Tradies can ask some technical questions direct to the manufacturer and the Staff get to do the same.  Plus you get to see all the latest items around.   So much fun for a Hardware girl like me

Tiny bathrooms and more from Europe  - I couldn't help myself and took video of lots of tiny bathrooms, tiny rooms and lots of  different property type things.   

The new legislation means owners of second-hand residential properties (where contracts exchanged after 7:30pm on the 9th of May 2017) will be ineligible to claim depreciation on plant and equipment assets, such as air conditioning units, solar panels or carpet.

A PAYG withholding variation makes a difference to a property investor’s regular cash flow. A specialist Quantity Surveyor can add to this by providing a property depreciation report before you submit a PAYG variation request

To help you find out if your property manager is protecting your property the way they should we have put together some very easy criteria for deciding if they have been doing a good job or letting your investment plunge into disaster.



Energy on the Job Site

Energy on the Job Site

Need more Energy?  

Don't have time to Make Breakfast or Lunch?  Need to loose wieght?

What works for me

How to get blinds direct from the wholesaler

Don't pay expensive store prices

They will even cut to size

Savings Tips for Kitchen Planning

It's all very well to pick out that wonderful looking kitchen and say I'll have one like that please but there's a cost involved

There are lots of items that can add lots to your final price and it pays to watch out for them

Depreciation for renovations made easy

Investment property owners often miss out on thousands of dollars when renovating due to two main reasons:

  1. They don’t know what depreciation entitlements they can claim for renovations or refurbishments to their investment property
  2. They don’t use a qualified Quantity Surveyor to prepare a tax depreciation schedule

Well it was before Christmas

I knew I had this big reno coming up

so was looking on line for some better priced options

Wish I had had Harvey Norman back then !!


Pink Basins and more

Doing a renovation the other day  - old house you know how it is once you touch one thing you find a million more.  Well I came across a great little resource.  The Demolition Yard.  It has the largest range of windows and doors I have ever seen  and of course the normal bits like timber and VJ's.  The guys that run the show are characters as well which makes the visit even more fun.  I loved that they even have the quirky thinks like pink Basins and yoyo's.  

I guess the moral of the story is not to forget the small out of the way demolition yards for that bit of molding, or door or casement.  When you are dealing with an old house you will find most things there and at a cheaper price than the generic hardware.  (I paid $5 for my 3m piece of scotia!)

The retro look has really made a come back and you can get away with keeping some old fittings and modernising everything around it.

If you are in Brisbane I can highly recommend The Demolishion Yard at Coorparoo - call Peter or John on 3397 0166

Oh Rats!

Do you remember as a child being told to "Go and clean up your room.  It looks like a Rat's Nest."  (I hope I'm not the only one....)  Well, did you ever wonder what a Rat's Nest actually looked like?  I often did, and today I saw one - a real Rat's Nest!  There were no rats at home and I suspect there hadn't been any at home for a long time, as there was no smell around the nest, as you might expect.

Pulling out a 25 year old kitchen today, in preparation for floor sanding next week, we uncovered this beautiful specimen of (what we presume) is a Rat's Nest.  Lovely and warm, and dry, and cosy, with a ready food source nearby!  They're not silly. 

So not only are there termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches fleas and wasps to keep out of our living spaces, there are also rats to keep at bay!

To avoid rat problems, put all food and food scraps away in the fridge or in the bin outside, close off any possible entry points (keeping in mind that vermin only need very small holes to squeeze through if they want to access a warm, dry and cosy home...) and pick up any windfalls (fallen fruit from trees) in the garden.  There are DIY solutions, from rat traps loaded with tempting, tasty morsels, to poison to owning a cat.  And if all else fails, pest extermination companies will be only too happy to help.  Do you have any best remedies to share?  Comment below, if so!

Save on Mattress Disposal

Gone are the days of freely dumping old mattresses in skip bins, and although council refuse collections pick up old mattresses, most go to landfill - and over a million old mattresses are thrown out by Australians every year.  Mattresses take up a huge 'air' volume in landfill and are literally filled with many kilograms of recyclable and reuseable materials.  Some skip bin companies won't allow old mattresses in their bins, some charge extra for them, some allow mattresses in the bins, but want to be informed beforehand else there will be an extra fee charged.  So it begs thinking about alternative disposal options for your old mattresses.  I'd never heard of it before today, but there are organisations around Australia that accept, and some collect, old mattresses for recycling and restoration.  Mattresses are filled with many kilograms of steel, wood and foam.  The steel can by melted down and reused; the wood processed into woodchip for mulch or particleboard; and the foam used for carpet underlay.  Relatively clean mattresses can be deep cleaned and sanitised and made available to hostels, motels and charitable organisations.  There is a small fee to the disposer of the mattress, but it's in the range of $15-$25 and this is probably comparable to the fee to put the mattress in a skip bin - and if it's not already, it probably will be soon!  One forward thinking council in Western Australia, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, has a mattress recycling service for residents - for an extremely low fee.  Do a Google on mattress recycling and see what comes up - it's quite interesting.  I know where my old 20 year old mattress will be going soon!

Steam Cleaning and Renovation

I have fallen in love with a steam cleaner!  Over all of the years that I have been renovating, I have often thought to  myself that at least 50% of 'renovation' is just cleaning up other people's messes.  If something is cleaned and maintained, it looks 100% better than something that is grotty and falling apart.  Does anyone else have the same theory?  Well, yesterday I was shopping in ALDI for some bikkies - you know, those delicious ones that have a chocolate topping?  I came out with two packets of those bikkies, two blocks of chocolate, two shirt and tie sets, a new pram, a grumpy toddler AND a fabulous little steam cleaner for not very much money.  I'm just embarking on a renovation and since, in my opinion, cleaning is the first step of any serious renovation, I figured that a steam cleaner might just make my life easier.  Well, it is just the bee's knees!  I'm sure there are steam cleaners and there are steam cleaners and the likes of Choice Magazine reviews will help the purchaser select the right one for their needs, but I am in love.  I love renovating and delight in swooshing out someone else's grime and making a tidy profit from it, but at the same time I am a bit squeamish about - ugh - dirt.  I don't mind my own dirt, but I swoon at other people's, well, uncleanliness - especially when I have to live with it!  So anything that cleans, shines and disinfects a secondhand living surface is a friend of mine!  The little steam cleaner I bought cleaned, shone and blew away quite a bit of dirt, grime, mould, toothpaste, scum, scale and I don't like to think what else and now I'm much happier to live in that 25 year old bathroom!  The fittings and fixtures still need to be replaced before we move on and sell the place, but for the short term, the master bedroom ensuite looks 100%!  And all it took was a jolly good clean.  Steam cleaning is evidently known for powerful, hygenic cleaning without harsh chemicals.  Elbow grease is all very well, but it wears one out after a short while!  Great for kitchens and bathrooms, windows and glass, I can't wait to have another go and see just what else I can clean with my trusty little home improvement helper!

RenoSave Meets Scott Cam

Hey! Look who we ran into at the recent Spring Home Show in Brisbane!  TV personality and the face of CUA (Credit Union Australia), Scott Cam, was at the recent Home Show signing copies of his new book and meeting and greeting with visitors to the Show.  RenoSave’s very own Vivienne Halliday had her copy of Scott Cam’s book personally signed and a happy snap taken with the very personable and easy going former carpenter.  Viv confidently reported back to the RenoSave stand that Scott thought the RenoSave Card was ‘a good idea’!  Well, we did already know that, but thanks for the thumbs up, Scotty, and all the best with sales of the book “Home Maintenance for Knuckleheads”.

RenoSave at the 2011 Courier-Mail / Sunday Mail Spring Home Show

It's not the first day of Spring until the 1st September, but the weather warmed up in Brisbane today! It was sunny, warm and balmy and beautiful. It must know that the 2011 Courier Mail and The Sunday Mail Spring Home Show starts shortly. The Spring Home Show runs from Wednesday 31 August through to Sunday 4 September. Held at the RNA Showgrounds, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, it's really easy to get to and there is plenty of parking - even some undercover. The Spring Home Show is open from 10 till 5 daily and until 9pm on Thursday.
And best of all, RenoSave are going to be there on Stand 1013. Come along to say 'hi' and check out our great deals (and a very special Spring Home Show deal) and enter our draw to win a bottle of Moet Chandon Champagne. Now wouldn't THAT be a treat for Dad on Father's Day!

If you need more information on the Spring Home Show, visithttp://www.brisbanehomeshow.com.au/

How to Improve the Value of Your Home - even on a Budget

To watch this Video on YouTube, click herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8FDqAdb4Os

This video
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The RenoSave Card Saves You Money
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Got leaves clogging up your gutters? Making them overflow & rust & your ceilings leak? Get 20% off Guttershield products.
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Having a RenoSave Card leaves More Money in Your Pocket
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We Guarantee It
That’s Right. RenoSave offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t save the purchase price of your RenoSave Card during your 12 months of membership, we give you your money back. You can’t get better than that. So you have nothing to lose, and much to gain. It’s a win-win for you!
So start work on your home maintenance and renovation projects. Pay less for your maintenance and renovation materials with your RenoSave Card, and you will more than likely increase the value of your home.

Go towww.renosave.com.auand get down to the nuts ‘n’ bolts, click to purchase a RenoSave Card now and start saving right away!

Got the Renovating Bug – but nothing to Renovate?

You could always practice on someone else’s house! There’s a great international volunteer organisation called Habitat for Humanity. In Australia they’ve built over 80 houses for the Country’s most underprivileged families since they started in 1988. The houses aren’t just hand-outs – the recipient families have to put in 500hrs ‘sweat equity’ and be willing to be educated in how to maintain the house and financially manage their special low-interest loan, so they’re really ‘hand-ups’. All of the details are on the website www.habitat.org.au. Volunteers are needed to help build these houses and Habitat for Humanity Australia is in Qld, NSW, VIC, SA and WA. In Queensland a special project calledBrush with Kindnesshas been launched to help get flood victims back in their homes. Yes, the floods were in January, it’s June, and people’s homes are still unliveable – volunteers needed! In Victoria, bush fire victims are being given a ‘hand-up’ by Habitat. So if you’ve got the renovating bug and can’t wait to get into it, but don’t have your own place to build or renovate, lend a hand and help out and get some great hands-on experience at the same time!

Are you a Swimming Pool Owner?

I was recently researching the possible financial impact of new swimming pool fencing laws on owners of properties with swimming pools (whether the owner’s own homes or their rental properties).    According to the Queensland Government website researched, the fee pool fence safety inspectors can charge for these now mandatory pool fence inspections is determined by “the market”.  Further research found evidence of widely varying charges – with one pool owner being charged $350 for a pool fence inspection (and then having to make adjustments/repairs to a value of over $900) and then finding another advertised pool inspection charge at only $180.  So pool owners need to  beware of being unreasonably over-charged and should educate themselves and shop around for the best option.  The full report on the different ways these new laws could incur costs for pool owners is available to RenoSave Card Holders.  If you’re not a RenoSave Card Holder, you’re missing out not only on exclusive deals with popular business, but on valuable information which could save you money – Click Here to Join Today.

Once Luxury, Now Standard

“Soft-close” drawers in kitchens used to be a luxury option, but not any more!  Kitchen Connection, one of RenoSave’s founding Partners, now includes soft-close drawers as a standard item in all of its kitchens.

There is no extra cost to purchasers to have soft-close drawers as part of their kitchen renovation and so slamming kitchen drawers are now a thing of the past for Kitchen Connection customers!

For those of us with young children, this is a blessing as soft-close drawers protect children’s fingers from rapidly closing drawers.  The drawers also last longer if they’re not continually slammed shut.

As Australian consumers were increasingly demanding soft-close drawers in their search for improved design features, Kitchen Connection listened and delivered.

Another reason to love Kitchen Connection...

RenoSave Card Holders save 25% on kitchens at Kitchen Connection.

Closing Down Sale

Someone I know just recently saw the local hardware store having a closing down sale - a massive 25% off all floor stock.  He happened to have to go to the hardware for some minor home maintenance items anyway and whilst there noticed a garage floor painting kit - at 25% off.  Knowing that painting gives the 'biggest bang for your buck' and knowing how happy his wife would be to have a contemporary-looking, easy to keep clean and attractive garage floor, he snapped up two kits for the double garage and got to work over the long weekend.  (Keep an eye out for the Case Study in an upcoming RenoSave newsletter . . .) No one likes to benefit from someone else's misfortune. However in the case of a closing down sale, if customers don't purchase the discounted products then the store owner hasn't recovered any money for the stock and someone further down the process will benefit from low-priced products.  Keep an eye out for business closures and closing down sales.  Snap up any well priced, quality renovation products and deals and take the opportunity to improve the value of your property with some renovations.

Renovating - the 'in' thing

Apparently residential renovations accounted for around $31billion worth of building industry work last year, according to the HIA (Housing Industry of Australia) National Outlook.  At $31billion that is the highest level of expenditure on renovation in four years and predictions are that this figure will continue to increase over the next two years. In a couple of years time the figure is expected to be more like $35billion expenditure - making it close to a record high according to HIA Chief Economist, Dr Harley Dale.  That’s a mighty lot of renovating!  He said the renovation side of the residential building industry looks in ‘relatively healthy shape”.  That’s for sure!  And this is while residential construction of new homes appears to be waning.  Whilst renovating sure is the ‘in-thing’ right now, it’s still important not to do just ‘any old’ renovation.  Renovations should be sympathetic with the style of the house, preferably of a style that won’t ‘date’ dramatically as fashions change, sensibly not over-capitalized for the value of the house they’re applied to (unless money is no object), and should be carried out to any applicable building or construction or other codes.  Check out more about the HIA report : http://www.bpn.com.au/article/Renovations-soar-while-new-home-builds-dip/528807.aspx

What a Value Destroyer THAT Would be

Look out – they’ll eat your house.  And no, I’m not talking about termites.  Well, yes, termites will eat your house, but everyone knows about them – don’t they?  I’m talking about birds.  Evidently in some areas of Australia, sulphur crested cockatoos think that timber houses provide a great beak sharpener and decend on them in great flocks, doing enormous damage to the homes.  Apparently people feeding flocks of these birds in residential areas attract more birds into the area than would perhaps normally hang around, and easy to access household scraps provide a ready food source for them as well.  This problem is particularly well known in some Sydney areas – is it a problem elsewhere in Australia as well?  What a value destroyer THAT would be.  Not only the damage the birds have done to the house/s, but the public knowledge that ‘that area of town’ has ‘that ‘ problem.  A bit of a disaster if the value of your home is of importance to you (and isn’t it to everyone?)  Look out for those house-eating birds...and the people feeding them!  Check out the full story here :


Interestingly, our landlord when we lived in the United States advised us to look out for the squirrels – don’t feed them on the deck, he said  – ‘they’ll eat the house’.  Well, we didn’t see any evidence of the squirrels eating the house (they were too stuffed from all the food we fed them), but a great spotted woodpecker pecked a huge hole in the chimney to make a nest.  He had no trouble getting through the vinyl siding and continued to try to perforate the metal chimney tube . . . fortunately he gave up after a while.  What a racket - right next to the sleeping quarters!  Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong....

Use Savings from Deals for Decorating

I know that what we are about here is saving money on renovations.  RenoSave brings members great deals on the products and services needed for home renovations, maintenance and improvements.  We're here to save you money, not cost you money! 
However, this idea I just came across I simply could not keep to myself.  So perhaps just think of it as a way of spending some of that money you've saved on your renovations to treat yourself and to finish off your terrific renovation with a spectacular and unique wall decoration.
Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those street banners that museums use to advertise their exhibits?  A company out of Denver, Colorado in the USA called Better Wall (betterwall.com) sells these banners that originally hung on museum facades or lamp posts.  The themes of the banners are many and varied and have shown images such as Impressionist paintings, quilts and photography.  The museums that displayed the banners can benefit from the sale of them, too, apparently.
Expensive?  Well, not really.  A decent sized, quality print, framed and ready to hang on your wall could cost several hundred dollars.  An original artwork would probably cost more.  Browsing the prices of the banners on the betterwall.com website, they range in price from around $300 to $700 USD.  With the exchange rate being so favourable at time of writing, this seems quite reasonable for a unique and fabulous piece of decoration!  BetterWall do ship internationally.
So if you like being a little bit different from everybody else and you're looking to treat yourself for making such great savings on your home-improvements, consider a museum banner for an eye-catching talking-point.

Pros and Cons of Modern Building Materials

An article in The Australian on 14 January 2011, “Flood damage bill to top $3bn”, explains why the cost to repair houses damaged by flood is relatively high.  According to the article, Professor John Handmer at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology said contemporary building technology made extensive use of lightweight materials that were water sensitive. "An old Queenslander built of hardwood isn't going to suffer that much structural damage from soaking in water, but a modern house full of composite materials is likely to face a full-scale interior reconstruction." 
In particular, the extensively used dry-wall plaster-board products are water sensitive and if inundated by water, they disintegrate and need to be replaced.  Plaster-board is far quicker and cheaper to install than internal solid plastering, and has reasonable fire resistant properties, but cannot withstand soaking and is susceptible to mould growth, which is hazardous to health.
Read the full article here : http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/flood-damage-bill-to-top-3bn/story-e6frg6nf-1225987413403

New Year's Renovations

Happy New Year! Have you set your New Year's Renovations yet?  Ooops, New Year's Resolutions!  Don't forget to purchase a RenoSave Card as one of your Renovation Resolutions - a sure fire way to save considerable amounts of money on your New Year's Renovation.

Purchase Your RenoSave Card Online

It's now possible to purchase your RenoSave Card online, safely and securely.  Purchase your RenoSave Card online now and it will be posted to you right away, so you can start saving on your renovation project.