5 Simple things you can change to put more money in your pocket

How you change some very simple things that will  put some serious $$ back in your pocket, everyday!  

The scenarios below give you $2100 back in your pocket to spend on some fun stuff like dinners out!!!



We all spend a bucket on fuel right? say $100 a week?
Buy a Wish "e gift card" gives you 5% off at Co-branded Caltex/Woolworths outlets around Australia 

That is a savings of $260 a year (more for most)  

They  save to your phone, so they are always there ready and waiting
(Wish cards can be used at Woolworths, Woolworths and Safeway Liquor, BWS and Dan Murphys)

Hey honey - "I'm just going out to save at Dan Murphy's -  I'll pick you up some wine with the savings!"


Add to that groceries of $300 a week ( and we all eat!)
You can choose to get your 5% off at Woolworths or Coles (They have there own) -
That is a saving of $780 a yearPlace your content here.

So just by buying and using the gift cards for 2 things you are $1000 ahead


Staying healthy should be just part of everyday life  - It's going to make us live a happier and longer life so why not save some $$ along the way 

10% OFF  YES 10%

Save 15% off Active Plus Membership  

Save 7.5% off when you purchase online

If you went to the Gym, took some vitamins everyday and purchased other hair and beauty product then bought an outfit 2 times a year that would be $300-400 savings

NO 4 HOUSE and CAR Maintenance

Just like us our houses and cars need maintenance too 

15%  off carpet cleaning

Save 25% off labour costs

7.5% discount 

Getting your carpet cleaned and your car serviced and buying a few bits and pieces for the car could save you  $200 a year


Yes I know  - there are so many spruikers out there at the moment  but this is simple and it is true- I've tested it on 2 properties and there are heap of others that have done the same too.  Honestly the crazy thing to do is to do nothing .... there is money sitting on the table for you.. We have two options for you:

Energy Locals  - a great local company that has put their money where their mouth is, and they make sure you are getting the best deal and the best service

AGL   - even if you are with AGL you will get a better deal throug our Ambassadorcard membership 
Sign up at agl.com.au/AGLVIPPartners today and quote ‘AMBASSADOR’. Or call AGL Anytime 24/7 on 1300 369 245.

 Realistically here  you can save $1400 a year by changing your energy plan  - I did  
Real scenario here, 4 months ago I changed to energy locals  and haved $350 off my quarterly bill.  I am wrapped it is totally worth it guys  I do have solar so getting the huge rebate from them is probably part of it but the basics were still cheaper so it is worth  checking both of these deals out 

Not a RenoSave member ?  

For only $97  you could save over $7000 on property and other deals 

With your Renosave Membership, you'll receive exclusive discounts, offers and savings on home renovation products, and services that you would have had to previously paid full price for!  Use your RenoSave card to maintain, renovate and improve your property.  And if you were looking for a catch, there isn't one

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