7 Mistakes to Avoid on House Cleaning After Renovation

Before you move on to the creative part of renovation which includes adorning the walls and furnishing rooms with all the new things you have purchased, you need to deal with the residue cement, dirt and grout smears. Your house will probably need a deep-clean after the workers have left the place, so make sure to do it properly and avoid these common mistakes.

Forgetting to Prep the House Before the Renovation Starts

Think about home cleaning before the renovation process even begins. You will need to do some prep work beforehand and it usually includes covering floors, walls, cupboards and furniture. This will make the cleaning process afterwards much easier. First, you need to declutter space. Remove everything that can be removed (such as kitchen appliances, bookshelves and delicate furniture pieces. Things you can’t put away should be protected with plastic sheets, old newspapers or plastic bags. And to ensure the covers stay in place, seal them well with duct tape. You should also protect your air conditioners to prevent dust and dirt getting inside as this can cause health problems later.

Not Ventilating the Room Before Cleaning

Major renovations often include a lot of drilling and other work that produces heaps of dust. This is why it is highly recommendable to keep space well ventilated. Leave all the windows open while workers are doing their job and a lot of the dirt will be kept outside the house. If you have the air filter switch it on because it can absorb any excess dust and purify the air.

Not Clearing the Area

To make sure everything is perfectly clean after the renovation, you need to go into details and leave all the surfaces spotless. This is why you need to move every piece of furniture and clear the area before you start cleaning. To make every corner accessible, you may need to temporarily displace all the things that are blocking the way. Pack everything you can in cardboard boxes and store them in a spare room or in a garage until the cleaners are done with their job.

Missing Important Steps of the Cleaning Process

Home renovations are messy, so you will need a thorough clean-up. From dry cleaning with a broom and vacuum cleaner to wiping surfaces with mops and damp cloths, polishing floors, cleaning windows and freshening mattresses, don’t skip any of the key steps. Always start from the ceiling and work towards the floors, deep clean in and around your appliances, under and behind furniture and make all glass surfaces sparkle.

Cleaning by Yourself

You can never do the job as good as a professional, so it is really worth investing in an experienced pro cleaner. The job will be done much faster and you can focus on doing the creative work around the house that comes after the cleaning process. Pro cleaners know how to clean different areas and which products to use for bathroom or kitchen, different types of floors, carpets, curtains, windows etc.

Choosing a Company That Doesn’t Offer All Cleaning Services You Need

Some cleaning companies specialise in certain types of cleaning such as curtain and carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning or window cleaning, but after the renovation, you need a full package service. When browsing for cleaners in your local area, look for ones that can ensure that all the key areas of your home will be cleaned as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible. Before booking their services, ask them to specify what types of cleaning services they offer and ask for a quote on their full package service.

Not Checking Company’s Credentials

Look for cleaners who have years of experience and great customer reviews. Go to their website and read all the information they offer. Get informed on the types of services they offer, company’s history, terms and conditions and frequently asked questions. Don’t make a decision based solely on the price because you need someone who can do the job properly and leave your house perfectly clean and shiny.

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