How we saved money on a 12 Day Reno

I'd been looking at this property for a while and it had good bones and a few different strategies to it  and I like something that has more than one way of making money ....  but the owners wanted too much as they do -- but

Anyhoo -- they found another property and the agent phoned me - ( Reason to be friends with lots of agents  :) )

This place was wallpapered within an inch of its life  - wallpaper everywhere and I mean everywhere and 3 different types in most rooms - it was hard to fathom but not hard to understand how it had'nt sold

I had invited friends to come and visit along with our HomeX team and after Pizza someone pulled off a sheet of wallpaper - it came off in sheets so easy we couldn't believe it  - within an hour the whole house almost had been de wallpapered.  Great   I did discover though the reason why it was so easy to pull off  - they hadn't prepped property and the walls were dirty under and had the glue all over them  -  They were sugar soaped to death - Fun but hey we are still winning

We had planned on using a sprayer and thought that we would buy one - it was a quality one-second hand  ........ well not so good it had issues and by the time they were fixed we'd already painted half the house  - we used it on the granny flat though so was good for that at least but that was something that didn't go to plan  - I'd taken the doors off so we could spray them  but that ended up being a roller job as well but it was still faster having them set up on tressels ( lots of cutting in on these doors)

We installed new curtains (K-Mart) an easy way of modernising a home and painting Black windows white was a big one too (everything was painted black ?!)   We had mirrors stuck on walls - including kitchen spashbacks , but these mirrors were broken - not attractive.  Polystyrene pretend rock everywhere as well as you can see in the ceiling below  - it had to go...

These are a few photos  - there are more  and I will update this page in a few weeks so check back