AirBNB Secrets

I chose a property and renovated it purposely for AirBNB - it was positioned close to beach  and cafe strip and on the Gold Coast so perfect for a vacation rental.  So what style?  Beachy with a touch of "Scandy / Kmart"  style.  Make sure the place you choose to have your AirBNB in  has the demand.  It could be a lack of hotel accomodation brings its own demand or it could be a holiday spot.

Tip 1
Style it modern, inviting, clean, open and bright.  You need people to thinkrelax and holiday as soon as they see it.  Make it suit your market.  If you have a family home then maybe the  modern young hip furniture might not match.  Add some toys for the kids, a ping pong table or  foosball table  might be enticing.

Tip 2
Photos- Don't scrimp on cheap photos - pay a little morefor some professionalones- It shows your commitment and that your a holiday let professional.  Take lots and have them tell the story of a holiday waiting to happen.  Make sure they are light and airy and clear of any clutter.

Tip 3
Make your descriptions sing.  By that I mean use descriptive "feeling" words that will make the propective customer feel like they need to be here.  If you have lots of "We's"  or "I's" you are writing for you not your customer.  Change them to  "You's", after all it is all about them.  You want them to taste the coffee, see themselves sipping wine while watching the kids in tthe pool.

Tip 4
Auto Book -  In today's age everything has to be instant. People want to know  that they can have it booked now have to wait for someone to get back to you.  You can set up your booking so that people are qualified by AirBNB.  That they have government ID, photo's emails etc.   

Tip 5
Similar to above, you need to reply to questions straight away or people will move on to the net booking.  Replies within 24 hours will increase your booking rate.  Put the shoe on the other foot  - if you asked a question and someone didn't get back to you  - you would be worried about thier committment.

Tip 6
I provide lots of information both online and in a printed out bookwith photos of remotes etc and instructions for most things

It saves you time in the long run and people would rather work out things for themselves.  At the end of the book I ask for reviews.  I explain this is my business we aim to please.  We would love it if you could let us know any problems and let others know if they loved it.  and ask them  to put a AirBNB review up for us.  This will get you at the top of the page.  A very important thing for your Rental

Tip 7
Keep things up to date.  I leave my calender on automatic and share it to my google calendar so it is up to date all the time.  I share this calendar with my cleaner and that way she knows when her next clean is.  It saves me time and allows her to plan around the cleans.

AirBNB can be really rewarding both on a personal level as well as monetary.  It certainly allows for extra money to go of the home loan and that is always a good thing.