Bunnings Expo

Instead of a bull in a china shop - it was a  Reno girl in  DreamLand !!!  So many new things on the market !!!  
Read through to the end  - there may be something  that is just what you have been waiting for....
Of course everything here is available at Bunnings 

At first glance  you may think the windows behind the bed are real.... No they are skylights!!
Yep you read right.  Illume already do roof mounted skylights  but now you can get windows

How amazing is that   These "Ambient Light Technology"  Solar lights can be wired  to Mains power or have battery back-up.
Call (03) 9768 5777 or  www.illumeskylights.com.au

Methven are my  favourite brand of tap wear  It's Innovative, Modern, a great price  (especially for card holders) and has a warranty that is second to none. 
The shower below has a rail that is actually a grab rail  - perfect for the  older person 

I love their Flexishower Digital Collection  (Shown to the left) Imagine having a shower that shows you the temperature and how long you have been in the shower.  Never step into a cold shower again.    Hydro powered not battery powered!!!

See the difference in the spray patterns -  I got to have a test and there is a huge difference.  The Turoa collection comes with an adjustable pressure slider on the handle 

I got to speak to the Dunlop rep as well  - Something you may or may not know is when you do the waterproofing  it is better to keep to the same system of  Waterproofing / Tile adhesive / Grout    Some adhesives etc don't play nicely with others  so its better to keep to one system that is designed to go together .  They have a great almost instant waterproofing tape that can save time too 


I was  so surprised  - when did this one sneak in???

So a few reasons this is great 

1 - It will look  a more uniform kitchen  
2 - Less cabinetry  - you won't need that tiny 200mm to fill the gap
3 - no need for ugly filler pieces 
4 - If you are being charged per piece to install the filler is usually a piece - so it will cost less to install
5 - You can now get panels for integrated appliances
6 - Delivery is only 21 Days 

Here is a link to find out all about it 

Last but not least  - Everhard Industries  - who have been around for ever in the plumbing arena  - You will probably know them by their laundry tubs.   They had on display their latest laundry unit.  Its made for the front loader to go underneath,  has all the appropriate holes ready to go,  drawers for better storage and a sink like bench top.  I thought it would be great in small areas and quite upmarket to boot.   These are special orders at Bunnings 

I fell in love with Wagner Control Pro spray guns 
They are perfect for the non tradesman   and range from $849 up.   You may have seen the live I did showing how little overspray you get.  Amazing stuff 

Check out the Wattyl site for Professional machines

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