Buying on the Net

Well it was before Christmas and I knew I had this big reno coming up so was looking on line for some better priced options
This was before I had Harvey Norman Commercial on board I might add.

I found a great looking stove from Grays on Line and the price was awesome so I bought it at auction. Its a little different than the normal ebay auction as you have to wait until 10 minutes after closing time for there to be no bids. You think you have it and someone else keeps bidding - very frustrating !! Better for the seller I'm sure

Well my lovely new stove arrived in a week or so - no problems

Installed it - No problems

Tried to tile the splashback and got a zap! Don't worry I got my husband to double check - yes definately live!! Thanks Honey :)

It ended up that an earth had been unearthed shall we say as the stove was being pushed back in to its spot the glass was broken.....

Thats where the problem come in

  • Italian brand Nardi has a new maintenance/service company
  • No Parts and not likely to have any for 8 weeks and they don't even know whats been ordered so could be longer!!!

When you have your property up for rent that is not good

My saving Grace

I happened to be on a site inspection the weekend before and saw the exact same stove but it had a Blanco badge. After quite a number of calls Nardi were able to confirm that there was a Blanco oven that should have the same glass

The jury is out however the moral of the story

Buy from a local compay that has a working service team set up - everything looked good on the net it was only when you went to phone that alarm bells rang - loudly

I'll be phoning Harvey Norman Commercial from now on!!!