How Much do Tradesmen Cost 

Part of your success as a renovator is dependent on the reliability and the work of all different sorts of trades people.

If you want to renovate for profit, you need good, reliable tradies and you need to know what to pay them  - what is realistic?

This guide provides you with information on the basic costing of each trade.


Bricklayers can charge on an hourly rate $37-$53 per hour or a per brick basis $1 to $2 per brick depending on the size of the job. The current laying rate in Sydney is around $1.50 per brick but can be as high as $1.90.  The current rate is due to a shortage of bricklayers which has been driven by a sharp rise in construction activity.  (Probably about to adjust with prices slowing)

A concreter will generally charge you around $50-$65 per hour.  You can get cheaper by using places like airtasker for smaller jobs.


Plasterers usually charge on a per square meter basis.
As an indicative price plasters in Melbourne can cost:
Dry Wall: $20-37 per sq meter
Hard-wall: $30-70 per sq meter


Expect to pay north of $85 per hour for the work they undertake.

Joiner/Cabinet maker/Kitchen installer

Getting a good joiner to come out for a house call will cost you at least $55 per hour.  Try picking up a retired builder or handyman  - they cost a lot less but some have great skills  The Grey army might be a good place to start


Landscapers will charge a minimum of $55 per hour.  Airtasker again for this job cheaper but if you want a design done its amazing that they can design something that has that wow factor and worth the $$


Painters traditionally charge on a per square meter basis, based on what needs to be painted and where. They usually charge upwards of $45 per hour.  Inside house should be around $4k


Plumbers’ rates are typically $80+ an hour.


Generally a good tiler will cost you between $25-$80 per hour, (Huge range right but huge range in jobs and quality too) Ask the tiler to quote for the entire job rather than on an hourly basis and your local tile shop is a great place for a recommendation


Carpenters traditionally charge between $32 and $55 per hour.  

Be careful – you get what you pay  If they are not working out early in the piece - cut your losses or it may cost you a lot more


Fencers normally charge on a per lineal meter basis. The cost of fencing can be estimated as $60-$120 per linear meter, depending on height and type of wood.

You may have a very specific budget that you’ll need to stick to, so finding the right price for any type of trade or service is essential.

By working together with the tradesmen who are interested in your job and communicating exactly what you need, you will be able to negotiate the best price possible and compare it with the others you’ve received.

Don't forget to check their credentials and ask for a referal from their last few jobs

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