How to prepare to spray paint your house

When you have a lot of painting to do  - it is definitely worth having a go at  an airless spray.  I had a small unit and it had not been touched since it had been built some 40 years ago.  Paint of course was at the top of the list 

Why use an airless spray gun? 

Saves you time  - you can do a unit in a day and for those that have the hang of it probably a whole house.

Saves you  money - yes you do waste some paint but you tend to put thicker coats on when you are rolling 

It really saves you time!!!!  which equals money!!

I took a professional painter out to the job  
Picked up some Paint from Wattyl ( thanks so much guys) 

So why bother with Prep???

I learnt so much from this exercise - It will save me hours  the next time I paint 

Cleaning - what to use  
Holes - how to repair 
Peeling what to do 
Stained walls 
Mould  what is the best prep 
How and what to sand 
Taping up - so you don't rip the paint off with the tape  
What the Tape colours mean 

and so much more..... 

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Next  the actual Painting !!

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