How to Save Money on your Reno

Polished Floorboard look For Cheats

I was trying hard to keep the budget down on this property it was a lower price bracket - So....

They looked Ok in most places but had lost that new shine  - a few scuff marks from furniture.  They would be hidden by staging furniture and by the new owner's furniture so not really a problem

But how to get that wow look

I discovered ... a product called GEMINI - it is a ready to use floor sealer
Used by commercial cleaners on vinyl, timber and rubber to give a protective coating and GLOSS  - It only costs $52 for a 5L container that did 3 coats on a 3 bedroom house.  It's easy to apply but it is smelly!

Kitchen Savings

If you want the 2 PAC look but not the price tag or the damage to 2 PAC
Try asking your kitchen supplier for Melamine  doors  in the Laminate Gloss range  - they cost the same as Melamine but have the look like 2 PAC and are a lot harder wearing

The Block contestants at one point had a big hissy fit and blamed the manufacturer because the cupboard was in the way of opening the stove - remember that?  They planned their kitchen in the coffee shop!

I plan my kitchen and bathroom on graph paper a million? Then when I think I have it right - I draw it on the floor with chalk  or you can use masking tape.   Walk around in it you will soon figure out if something is not right !!

Get your appliances from Harvey Norman Commercial  
In the last 4 months I have saved

$1185 on my Smeg upright stove
$   82  on my westinghouse dishwasher
$   78 on my Westinghouse cooktop
$   32 on my Kelvinator Aircon
Please note comparisons are made with discount online stores not retail  - our prices are hundreds of dollars cheaper than any retail  - the good thing is I don't waste time chasing a good deal  - I know I have the best price!

Plus we have a new brand coming soon for our members!!

Bathroom Savings

To save money I spent the dollars where I could see the WOW
Nice Bath
Nice Shower and Tap fittings

I used Highgrove bathrooms for  Shower fittings  - stand alone baths and spouts - They really can't be beaten for style, and they will give you a great price too

For walls, I use a plain white 600 x 300 tile in my bathrooms  - it doesn't date, looks expensive because of its size and makes the room look bigger.  Then I match it with a nice floor tile that suits the bathroom.  Even the cheap tiles look great at National Tiles  - they're awesome

They have a great new range in store so check it out


This actually cost me the most and if you are smart it can save you a fortune

  • Settlement of one property was while I was away so the house was vacant and waiting for me
  • Renovating in the pre and post Christmas period is extremely expensive
  • Airtasker can save you heaps on small non trade jobs
  • Properties became vacant and had to be renovated in the middle of other renovations  (Arr - I need 10 hands!)
  • Great tradies save you a fortune and your sanity - thanks Tony!
  • Tying to sell a property when everyone has left town for the holiday's can be and expensive lesson

Happy Renovating!

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