How to Turn a Laundry into a Kitchen!

When you have 3 different Generations living in one house it's important that they all have space

In our old house there was already a granny flat  - this one no...

So the Laundry had to become dual purpose 
Mum needed her own cooking area  - and she still does lots of biscuits and roasts so  hey you need to get her a good stove and some room to do it

Before During After

Within a week we took out the wall in between and finished off the new cornice  - installed some new cabinetry including an island bench and a new cooktop and oven

RenoSave Savings

Harvey Norman saved us over $400 on the oven and cooktop  -
We went for what was a great price and in stock (Its how I shop- as long as it has what I want I don't care about the model)

National Tiles is always the best place for the tiles  - No nonsense and always Great Price  $100 - I just call in as they always have the 600x300 white, and they just always look great.

Handles  from "Handles and Things" got here the next day and saved $70 - These handles are real quality and won't go rusty like the Hardware ones do  - Plus they look nicer!

So total SAVINGS of over $570 over the week is not bad I don't think


Look for left over tiles to patch the existing flooring The previous owner stuck had left some tiles under the stairs  - YAY!
Put a powerpoint in the island bench always a great idea 
A good Chippie is worth his weight in gold!!!