You wouldn’t think that there was much new ‘under the sun’ when it comes to blinds for window coverings.  After all, a Venetian blind is a Venetian blind, is it not?  And roller blinds are roller blinds and verticals are verticals, aren’t they?  Well, we thought so until we discovered Harold and BlindSmarter.  Blindsmarter does do something different – and it is smarter.  Harold does something different from other blind suppliers – he has thought carefully about how he can make his product better and has redesigned them and had them manufactured to his design and specifications and the result is innovative designs that have multiple benefits for the customer.

Blindsmarter has a range of blind products that can be seen on their website, but the design that is really different and impressive is the cordless Venetian blinds – no tangle of cords for changing the angle of the blinds and lifting and lowering the blinds.  Clever!  Besides the constant worry of the danger that the cords pose to young children, it seems impossible to get the right cord that you want for any given function the first time around – it always seems to be the last cord you grab that is the one you want!  Neat, clean, functional – and like all Blindsmarter products - high quality and low priced.

 Cordless Venetian blinds operate with a simple lift, pull or roll touch


Blindsmarter also have a range of chainfree roller blinds – also neat, clean and elegant with a total blockout feature and reflective backing to keep the room cooler in summer. 


 Easy to install, chainless roller blinds


One of Harold’s best ideas, though, is his Vertical blinds design.  Rather than the flexible, flapping, fabric vertical blinds, that never seem to be securely attached to the chains running along the bottom, Harold’s verticals are made of PVC and are attached from above only.  They are simply unhooked from the support for easy cleaning and the installation comes with a full deluxe pelmet with returns.   The vertical blinds are elegant looking and affordable at the same time.

Easy to clean PVC venetians with full pelmet


Blindsmarter operates out of Acacia Ridge in Brisbane’s south, and Harold is happy to package orders up to courier anywhere in Australia.    If you can measure your windows – or those of your investment property – and can operate a simple tool or two, you can install your own window furnishings and save yourself a lot of money.  Because Blindsmarter blinds are of such high quality, you know you’ll have an attractive and useable product for many years to come.

Blindsmarter is a family owned business that has been operating since 1993.  Blindsmarter and RenoSave were side by side at the recent Spring Homeshow in Brisbane, which resulted in much wheeling and dealing and resulted in some great savings for RenoSave Card Holders on the Blindsmarter range of products.  A price list can be downloaded from the Blindsmarter website and you can check the RenoSave deals (go to or Click Here) to see the terrific deals that Harold has on offer for RenoSave Card Holders.

As the Blindsmarter website says, they are ‘smarter in window furnishings’.  And Howard will look after you.

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