Plan your kitchen to save…

Sometimes there are savings in planning

Door Style


The Cheapest is melamine no doubt about it but you can get a 2 pac look from this product by ordering a super shiny board and you'll hardly tell the difference

Vinyl Wrap Doors  - they have some nice profiles but really they don't last unless you get good quality ones and then the price gets up there - OK for a reno and flip I guess - definately not for a rental

2 Pac  - well these are the Beez Neez aren't they - they have the advantage of being able to have many profiles and look great  but these too can chip

SAVINGS TIP - Choose Formica Gloss Range or similar


Cupboards with doors are a lot cheaper  if you can do away with adding too many drawers you will cut the cost down

Pantry's are expensive but expected

Do you need Overheads  - maybe you only need them on one side
Self Closers  - check your market  - high end users will like them but it won't be a deal breaker  - definately not for lower priced areas


Stone deffinately has a WOW factor  - if it a higher end property  I would spend some extra coin here  but you don't need to go to 40mm just the basic 20mm will be fine  - you can source it direct  to save a few dollars as well  ( Get it priced from your plan and book in a time for check measure the day after your kitchen is installed as it will take a couple of weeks for it to be delivered)
If you need benches in the laundry or Pantry but don't want the expense of stone  you can usually get a laminate that will match the stone and you can hardly tell

For a lower priced property the Look a Like Laminate stone will look great


These can cost a fortune if you are not careful - you can usually get a nice looking handle for a reasonable price - shop around there are savings to be had here

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