How Playing with Colour and Contrast Can Provide a Fun Character to Your Bathroom

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Even though people usually tend to stick to neutral shades for their bathrooms, it doesn’t mean that is the only acceptable choice. We agree that it may seem pretty risky to play with colours in such a small space, but with the right choice of colours and the right way of incorporating them, you can totally transform your bathroom into a beautiful space with a vivid character.

Do the painting first

This goes only for those who are either doing a complete renovation, or who are currently in the stage of building their home. Painting is the most affordable and, of course, the simplest way to add an impact to the space. However, the colour you see at the shop may or may not look the same in your home. So a good idea would be to take home a few samples and observe how they look during the day and during the night. When you find your perfect colour, all that is left is to build the rest of the bathroom’s colour scheme around it.

Accent wall is always the answer

Sometimes, in some spaces, painting every single wall may or may not make the room look a bit tacky. To prevent that from happening, try just doing one wall instead of them all. However, you have to make sure you’ve picked the right wall to be the centrepiece, which is either the wall with a strong focal point or the wall that is directly across the door.

Tile is the new paint

If you are considering adding tile to your bathroom, always remember that less really is more. The trend of covering the entire bathroom in saturated tiles is gone, and it will never come back. On the other hand, modern bathrooms are now emphasizing colourful tiles that easily draw all of the attention to the focal point of the space. You can use the tile as a vanity backsplash, in your shower etc.

Photo courtesy of National Tiles 


Pop the vanity

Adding colour to the vanity can be a pretty tricky part, so stick to one of these two options: either add the colour to the top while keeping the base neutral or do the opposite. This is how you will achieve the ultimate stylish balance. Colourful bases work best for large vanities that have shelving or cabinet space. And when it comes to countertops, the best choices are either granite or marble. 

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Statement floor coverings

Bath mats, as well as area rugs, can do wonders in terms of adding a colour splash into the bathroom, while also keeping their functional purpose when placed beside neutral baths or showers. Opt for an accent colour that compliments the rest of the space as well as the rest of accent shades to achieve the right look.

Colourful accessories

Just a few decorations can make a big impact. Green plants and succulents, for example, are super easy and budget-friendly ways to provide your bathroom with colour. Next, swap your old boring bland towels with some new bright ones. You can find them in every shade you can imagine, and not to mention that you can swap them out easily if you ever change your mind.

Don’t be afraid of dark colours

Whether your bathroom is small or not, there is no need to be afraid of incorporating dark colours into it. When it comes to small bathrooms, a dark colour contrasted with a white trim or a white vanity can actually make the space seem a lot more intimate and cosy – which is always desirable.

Photo courtesy of National Tiles 

Wall art

Not just in the bathroom, but in every room in the house, a well-placed vibrant piece of art can do wonders if you want to add a pop of colour. But, there are some factors you should consider when getting wall art for the bathroom, such as moisture, for example. Make sure you pick a painting that is made out of a water-resistant material, or simply frame it for protection.

Décor matters

Even though the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, there is still enough room for décor. A few nicely placed décor items are what will put the whole space together. Candles, baskets, display shelves – they are all more than welcome.

We hope you’ll have fun with adding colour to your bathroom.

Article written by Catherine Collins for RenoSave