Renovating for Less

Renovating doesn’t have to cost a packet

Any area even kitchens and bathrooms can be renovated for less than you think

First thing to do  - PLAN  - this is the most important step in keeping costs down

Work out what is really needed  and weigh it up against what it is that you WANT

Research the area around you and see what is on trend – what people are looking for and steal ideas off others

Make sure you don’t overcapitalize by  checking the final value of the houses on the market.  The difference between the value of your house now and  what you plan on spending should never be more than renovated houses in the area   As a guide only spend 10% of the value of your home

Keep good records  - a running tally of what you spend is crucial to renovating for less.  You will never know if you are going over budget if you don’t keep track

The biggest bang for your buck


Yes cleaning  - sometimes a gerni  of outside walls and interior clean can make the world of difference


A close Second is Painting


Buy in bulk  - work out what you need and buy the bigger cans

Use what the trades use  - it is premium paint for less

Use a buyer group to  get things for less (e.g. RenoSave has trade accounts with Wattyl)

Use good Brushes and rollers – they make the end product better and are so much easier to use.  Plus it saves you time picking out those loose hairs  (We use Monarch brushes from Bunnings) 

Kitchens – The hub of the house  and where you can make some serious WOW

Update your appliances  - Buy Commercial   -  Places like Appliances Online have good  prices  or Buy seconds from 2nds World (Renosave has connections with all these companies)

Jazz up the kitchen with a new splashback   - big wow for low cost

Handles are such a great statement and don’t cost much   - measure the hole distance so you don’t have to redrill

A new Benchtop may seem expensive but it doesn’t need to be  - You can use Rustoeum paint and get an amazing finish for $3-400 or if you are handy why not a new timber bench using Bunning benchtops from only $99 for real timber you can oil or put a 2 pack on for a great wow factor.  Slightly more expensive is to phone a local cabinet maker and get him to make a new one.

Don’t forget the doors either – sometimes a paint will do it with white knight laminate paint  or maybe get that cabinet maker to cut some new doors using your old ones as a pattern  - If  youkeep the colour the same so you won’t have to replace the uprights

The Bathroom

Cheapest wow – regrout and replace the silicone  ( if the tiles are good and the grout is yuk this will make it look like new )

 If the tiles  are screaming the 80s but are good  - just repaint them with white night tile paint  -  go a white or modern light colour

New Taps really update it and add a cheap wow factor

Replace that awful vanity and mirror   or maybe make a new surround for that mirror

Vanities are cheap these days - Highgrove Bathrooms have modern and reasonably priced vanities

Take down the shower curtain  (they are disgusting) and get a shower screen   $500 + Modern new and clean

Flooring  - try some loose lay vinyl tiles  - cheap and look great or you may be able to tile straight over the old ones  ( you may have to adjust door heights and drains etc)



Replace the curtains  - Kmart are so cheap and look great

Change to blinds  they will give you a more modern look and don’t cost a bomb  DIYonline Blinds make them to measure without a huge price tag


If they are ok – get the cleaner in

Do you have floorboards under that carpet  - 3-4k will have them polished and looking sweet

Vinyl or loose lay timber floor boards are not that expensive (especially if you can lay them yourself)

Other Areas

 Get rid of the BRICK  - yuk   paint if budget is tight or gyprok over it

CLEAN and De-Clutter  - I really can’t say it enough   a good clean  makes the world of difference  and getting rid of all that stuff you never use and was from the 80’s is probably a good call if you are wanting to renovate

Garage sale it and use the money for some new fittings or that one statement piece that will make you smile every time you see it

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