Rental Property Quick (Low Cost) Fixes

How to spend as little as possible to increase your return


White Knight Laminate Paint is your cheapest option  - but only if the carcas is in good condtion otherwise you are wasting your time - They like a nice kitchen too so make sure it's presentable and at the very least functionable and clean 
How to get that wow look
Add a new benchtop  or repaint the old one with the new chip  2 pack finish
Add a dishwasher

Second Hand Kitchen  - works out ok if you can get one around the $500 -$1000 mark  - you need to factor in the possiblilty of a new benchtop and sink and taps unless the old ones were only a recent addition -   I use Highgrove Bathrooms
Even the cheap tiles look great at National Tiles - they're awesome


Simply awesome bang for your buck
Cleaning should be done by the last tenant but allow $25/hour if you are getting someone in
Do you have the time to do it yourself??  - remember time is money - that extra 2 - 3 weeks  you might take will cost you $$
Prices in Brisbane at the moment are coming in at about $5k for a full internal paint for a 3-4 bed home 
If you are DIYing  -  Remember to use your RenoSave Card at Wattyl paints
Fav Colours: 
Hogs bristle 1/4 Strength

White duck 1/2 Strength

Outside:  Linseed - White and  Woodland Grey

Tidy - Garden

Use airtasker to find a local handyman to clean up the garden
This is a great DIY one and really adds value for next to nothing  - If you have a trailer and dump vouchers or cheap dumps near you all the better or you could use the Pink dump bags for a reasonable price 


Another cheap tidy up is blinds or venetians
Aluminum or PVC Venetian blinds are cheap, look modern and are easy to put up  
PVC Venetians blinds  from $10 each. Aluminium cost a little more
Timber Venetian blinds from $40 each.
Roller blinds: from $30 each
Curtains can cost from $60 a pair including rod

It's a DIY job too - or you'll be paying $35/hr to put them up 


I like to provide at least one or two wardrobes -  You can buy them reasonably price from Super A Mart $350 plus installation for a very basic one  or Bunnings $700 for something a bit more substantial  {plus installation }
The removable wardrobes damage the property while coming and going otherwise

What I tend to do however is to build a couple of "built ins" - I have a carpenter that costs me $500 a day the materials are about the same and I end up with a very solid good looking built in that will not need replacing.  I do it before I paint and you wouldn't know it hasn't been their for 10 years


Adds a lot of percieved value from a tenants perspective and you don't have to pay the running costs

Get a price from Harvey Norman Commercial - they're very competative and have name brands

Installation about the $600-800 mark


Unless it's really bad is it going to add value ???   Cost for the whole house should cost about $2- 2.5k using Carpet Call Commecial   -   Polishing the floorboards would cost about 3k

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