Selling your PPR with a Reno Eye

So we went out  LOOKING as you do  - maybe it would be a great idea to move somewhere closer to the beach

Next minute  - Yep lets do this  - so the wheels go into action  - Whats the first thing you need to do  - Sell your own Place

You are used to your own place and don't see it from a outsiders point of view - UNTIL - you want to sell!!

Reno Eye LOOK  

De Clutter massively  - so the 3 households of stuff in one rather large house has to be severly downsized  - HOW !!
Any items that make the room look small have to go so those oversized cupboards days are numbered
Lounges only need  a set of lounges - coffee table and rug - TV and cabinet  - remove excess items
Bedrooms only require the bed, side tables and dresser - Anything else needs to go
Entrances need to be clear clean and bright
Otdoor entertainment areas are notorious for collecting extra pieces(off with their heads away they go!!)

With miticulous action, I donned a pad of post it notes and with pen in hand I  put a note and approximate price wanted on all the excess items that would not be making it to the new property (Those items needed for staging however had a repreve for now)   An assistant was sourced (18 year old daughter) and we (she) went to town on Gumtree and local facebook garagesale sites.   Verdict  - the Garage sale sites won hands down - be careful though there are rules on these sites - you must finish negotiating with the first person before going to the next interested party (NIL means next in line.) Mission accomplished in under a week

Repairs and Finishing Touches that have been waiting for oh 3-4 years because they weren't important have to be done NOW!!! 

e.g. we had added extra cabinetry in the kitchen but hadn't gotten around to putting cornice at the top

If you were looking at the property you would be looking for signs of DIY so make sure what you have done is done right.  Nothing says problem more than handyman tiling!!!

The Revamp
Personal Taste - out the door  -  apart from a few coloured feature walls that we left  everything else was neutral so not an issue here but if you have painted every room a different colour  - its time to ge that 1/2 strength Hogs Bristle out and do a twice over...

Styling will add 10% to your sale price even though it's your home you need to look at it with fresh eyes. Using all the left over staging items from previous projects the property was cleaned  and prepped within an inch of its life  Things like Kmart coffee tables a few throws from Masters/bunnings and some nice modern artwork  Take most of your personal photos down - you're not selling it to Nana and you want them to imagine themselves living there.

When I do a reno I keep all the instruction and warrenty manuals that a new buyer might need and I do the same with my own place. Nothing gives a new buyer peace of mind more than names numbers and proof of purchase of items.  Council approvals are a great idea  to have available as well.

The Price

As with any investment you need to look objectively at the market  - what part of the cycle it is at, the past sales and what is on the market.  You tend to be quite attached to your own PPR so getting a few opinions can help.  Ask the agents that have been working in the area, but tell them you don't want hot air blown anywhere  :)  

YOU NEED TO LET THE RESEARCH TELL THE STORY  - it is just the same as doing your figures before buying a new property do the same process and that should help you be objective.

The Difference between a Reno and your own place??

Definately the STUFF  -  when I buy a house to reno it usually comes to me empty  - if not it usually just a matter of keeping what pieces can be used again for styling or during the reno and the rest is sold via the net

You tend to get a little precious about Granny's hand me downs  - but a few boxes in the garage fixed that

When you do a reno the paint is neutral  - when you have decorated your own house you may have used a few colours  - it means you may have to do a repaint  ( Hopefully you didn't do the wallpaper thing!!)

Precious furniture that is not desirable - By that I mean modern and desirable to your target market  (Usually the 30-40 year old)  - I had a modern house it needed modern furniture  - I got away with a couple of smaller pieces of antique furnishings but the rest had to be retired to the garage or sold.  Again The STUFF