How to use virtual styling to sell a property

You have a home to sell  - it's empty  - It's going to look desperate - unloved.  You need people through the door at least

This is a way to present your home in the best light and get the interest.

Advertising a house with furniture in it will heighten its appeal to buyers; if you have shabby furniture and can’t afford to have your property staged in real life, then virtual styling is a good alternative to providing that enticing first impression.
It will show your property in the best light.

It is a good idea to note to the potential purchaser before the inspection that the house will be unfurnished on inspection, that way they won't be disappointed and that happens in real life anyway.

What virtual styling can’t do

Virtual styling will help you attract buyers to the property, but it will rarely get them engaged or committed to the property, that’s the role of the inspection.   They will need to be engaged with the property and having no furniture may be a let down. However, a few pieces well placed will still give them an idea and you have got them in the door - a good agent will be able to show them them property attributes.


NEVER - change what is there  - be HONEST show the walls and property features as they are.  It is styling not  virtual renovation!  Doing this will lose you a sale and end you in hot water as you are advertising something that is not real.

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