Tiny Bathrooms and  More from Europe

Last year we did a bit of a hop around Europe and some of you may have seen it on facebook. However there are lots of you that  missed my musings of overseas plumbing and sizes of things.  I thought  you may be interested in checking out what others are doing (bathroom wise) around the world.    

I head over to Paris again and would love for you to join me a facebook to see what I find this time 

Iceland Renovator 
Cutest cottage out by the sea. I couldn't help but be curious of all the pipework in the bathroom (I think I have a plumbing fetish.)  Would love the low heating bill - mind you it is dam cold so you need something like that over here.  How  cute would this look all painted white ?   A paint job would make it look like a million bucks

Oslo Bathroom
Such a cool spot. This  hotel was very low cost but it was modern and clean..  You checked in yourself  - Yes like at the supermarket - thats how they kept the costs down.

Lots happening in Oslo very busy and people everywhere it was like a youth hostel bu older clientelle.  Just referbed  I loved the modern finishes.  The bathroom was small but everything is accom wise here.  Totally loved the mixer tap with the mechanism on the outside of the wall.  It means you could retro fit a mixer in a shower and easier to replace parts when they needed repair.

Sweden Yacht Bathroom

When in Sweden we stopped in to see Abba (as you do) well the museum anyway.  I have to say this place is so well organised - public transport is great easy to go everywhere. We thought we'd stay somewhere central with a view.  Why not a yacht - it wasn't a luxury modern one but probably had been in its day.  The rooms had been kept original but the bathrooms had been renovated.  All very new looking with glistening chrome pipes everywhere.   The powered toilets as I later found out are like insinkerators ....  That's why there is power to them (I'll let you figure out why - but it has something to do with the small pipes)

Excuse the face eek!

Chinque Terre 
The most amazing place ever!!!  I know you will agree if you have been here.  Lots of steps - like lots and lots but it keeps you fit and makes room for panacotta and other local necessities!!!  
This apartment had the most amazing view.  The bathroom and kitchen were newly renovated and I couldn't help but wonder how they got all the bathroom reno gear up the 80+ steps .  An amazing feat.   

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Tiny Flat in Paris 
Great example of what you can fit into a small space.  There  was everything you needed.  It is very similar to the new (in australia)  "small is the new big" rooming accommodation that is very popular right now. Small apartments are the norm over here.  This apartment had a long corridor but if that area had been added to the room there would have been room for a bed and couch.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing some european bathrooms -  Like us on facebook to see more of what is happening reno wise both overseas and here in Oz 

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