1 - DO NOT Clean Your Airbnb Yourself!

Having multiple Airbnb rental units can be a time consuming job that forces you to wear many hats from marketing, guest relations and even the cleaning crew.  Having to be everyone all the time can be a strain on your mind, but even worse, your quality of work will not always be top-notch.

To become a successful host, you need to focus your time on what makes you the most money.   Delegating the routine and less value-adding tasks to other people will free up your time for growth.  Spending two hours cleaning your rental unit after every stay may be a waste and your time might be better spent replying to new inquiries or even finding another unit.

Airbnb allows you to charge a cleaning fee so take advantage of it, but don’t abuse it.  Of course it says cleaning fee, but no one tells you how to spend your money.  The extra money you collect from your guests can go to spending on a variety of services to make your operation more efficient

Airbnb Cleaning Services to Consider

  • Cleaning/Maid
  • Laundry pickup
  • Landscaping


  • Keeps your unit in the best shape
  • Frees up your time for value-adding tasks
  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Delivers a consistent and quality experience

2 - Keep your Airbnb Safe

Many of the other essential items are essential for a great guest experience but these first few items are MUST for guest safety.  If you do not have ALL of these items in your listing, you’re putting your guests and your Airbnb operation at risk.

  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Get both or combo alarm)
  • Fire Extinguisher (At least 1)
  • First Aid Kit

3 - Make sure you have the Essentials

A Working High Definition TV and Foxtel or Netflix and WIFI

Unless part of your listing’s appeal is an escape from the modern world, all guests expect there to be a TV from this century in your listing.  But you don’t need to have anything fancy.  You just need one that works and can access Netflix or the like


It’s safe to assume your guests will be using your WIFI access.  But what’s the point of having high speed internet if your router is a bottleneck?  As demand for bandwidth continues to rise due to higher consumption of video content and the use of multiple devices, you’ll need the right router for to meet these demands.

4 - Provide those most often forgotten items

A Dryer

Plug adaptor for overseas appliances
Coffee Machine
Don’t waste money on getting anything fancy. Reliable and affordable versions are all you need.

5 - How to get 5 Star Reviews on Airbnb

The Airbnb community  measures success  by feedback and reputation.

Some minor slip-ups or mistakes can impact you for a very long time, and even stop your rental unit from taking off.  I got marked down for dust under my fridge once!!!

Treat your reviews, like online referrals that can help or hurt your airbnb business.

Don’t leave reviews to chance, do all that you can to create a 5-star guest experience.
So how do can you set yourself up for success?

Make sure you give a Detailed and Accurate Description

Guests like to know what they are signing up for, they will be far more understanding than if they feel  they were deceived.

Give a clear, accurate and detailed description.

Use the tried and true practice "under-promise and over-deliver."

Don't try to be something you are not

Always give 5 Star Service

Put on your guest hat…and think…what perks and services would make you say, “Wow!”?  Do those.

Some ideas…

Contact the guest a few days before they arrive and ask if they have any questions or special requests.

Ask your guests during long stays and ask them if they would like a complimentary cleaning service. ( I insist now as I have had linen wrecked because it hadn't been laundered for a month)

Make yourself available by phone at all times to answer any questions - have a back up person so if you are not available they have someone  else to call

Lastly, if there is a problem such as clogged toilet or broken light bulb, treat it as if it was a HUGE problem. Solve problems instantly 

Go  above and beyond  and you will be rewarded.

Be Proactive

Stop them before they happen! In your listing, ask potential guests to send you a note to ask about availability before they try to book.  Some users treat Airbnb like a regular travel site…if the date is available, they book!  This simple request of your guests will do two things.  First, it lets you know if the prospective guest thoroughly read your listing or if they are just quickly booking anything possible.  Secondly, it allows your to ‘meet’ your potential renters and judge for yourself whether or not you feel they will be a good fit for your rental unit.  Don’t forget, this is your first contact so make sure to WOW them!

Leave a Review Early

I always  leave a review of your guests as soon as possible, but only after the house hasd been cleaned so I can check for damages.   It encourages them to leave you a review     

6 - AirBNB needs to have Modern Amenities

Premium Tea and Coffee

Ever had a rough night and needed a caffeine pick-me-up the next morning?  Your guests do too!

Make sure to provide the things  that your guests will find helpful and be pleased about

A family of four may appreciate their favorite cereals there upon arrival while a business traveller would value a computer desk and printer.

Understand Your Guests - ask some questions so you know their plans

Check out their reviews - are they seasoned travellers or first timers?
How often do they travel on Airbnb?

Do they  leave  reviews?  If so, how good are they?

You can  customize their experience and add that special touch 

Be a Guest Yourself

Airbnb is about community and you should get out and see what it has to offer!

I have traveled both by myself and with friends to many different cities and I have picked up Airbnb hosting tips along the way. Being excellent in hospitality means seeing what others are doing and do it better!

7 - Prevent Bedbugs from Calling Your Airbnb Home

Once bed bugs are in your house, getting rid of them can be a real pain.  So the best solution is to prevent contamination in the first place.

So what are bed bugs attracted to most?    Through repeat experiments, researchers in England found that bed bugs are far more attracted to dirty laundry than practically anything else.

What does that mean for you as a host?

Give your guests an EASY option to stash their dirty laundry away from the bedrooms using hampers with covers.

But NOT with an open hamper.  Instead, we’d recommend getting hampers with lids and interior linings for easy transport and possible bedbug containment.  Placement is key to usefulness. Ideally, if the bathroom is connected to the guest room, place the hampers in the bathroom where it’s most convenient for the guest to place soiled clothing in the hampers.  Guests are unlikely to remove their soiled clothing more than a few feet where they’re most likely removing clothing–bedrooms and bathrooms

Protect Your Mattresses

As a Airbnb host, you quickly understand the relationship between good night sleep and a 5-star review.  Having comfortable mattresses is often a necessary and pricey investment you make for your Airbnb listing.  And to make sure you don’t inadvertently host unwanted guests in bed bugs, you will want to protect your investment with proper mattress covers.

Some covers are great for protecting against stains but not for preventing or kill bed bugs.  Follow these tips for finding the right protective cover that can do both.

Find bite proof fabric – Many mattress covers are not bite proof.  They can help protect against liquid stains but bed bugs will be able to move freely through the fabric.

Avoid vinyl covers – these covers will prevent bed bugs from entering OR leaving your mattress and are uncomfortable to sleep in

Polyurethane-lined covers – has the same protective ability as vinyl covers but is often made alongside softer fabrics to create a quiet and softer feel.  And because it’s breathable, it allows for a much cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

Use Metal Luggage Racks for Luggage Storage

Bed bugs do not like climbing on metal surfaces.  As a good two way protection to minimize the transfer of bed bugs between dirty luggage to your space or existing bugs from getting into your guests’ luggage, utilizing simple luggage racks with metal legs are ideal.

PRO TIP: Place one in each bedroom in your Airbnb listing.

How to Tell if Your Airbnb is Already Infested with Bed Bugs

Besides getting bitten yourself or having guests complain to you of bed bugs, here are the steps to take for you to quickly determine if you’re already hosting bedbugs as unwanted guests.

Where to look – bedsheets, seams of any and all linen or fabric based furniture, in drawer corners and joints, loose wall paper, essentially all cracks and crevices wider than the thickness of of a credit card.

Spot the tell tale signs of bed bugs – rusty or reddish brown stains on bed sheets or mattresses left by squished bed bugs, dark dots that could be bug excrements, eggs or eggshells about 1mm in size, and of course, live bugs.

If you do find an infestation, contact Airbnb Resolution Center and work with them to notify guests of upcoming bookings (within the next 7 days) to help them find alternative accommodations.  Issue full refunds.  Better to lose a few bookings than to permanently damage your listing risking nasty guest reviews citing bed bugs.

8 - The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist for Airbnb Hosts

Whether you hire a professional vacation rental cleaning crew or do it yourself, here’s a no-nonsense list of what you should be covering in your vacation rental turnover cleaning.

1. The Bathroom

The bathroom is a hairy place. (It’s gross; we know.) And you DEFINITELY don’t want it to stay that way!

Despite its annoyances, you should be scrubbing down the shower and bathtub between each check-out and check-in. Every. Single. Time. Don’t allow grime to build up in there or give water stains a place to hang out on glass doors. Your guests notice these things and even though it may technically be clean, it won’t look that way.

As for your cleaning tools, like toilet brushes, mops, buckets, disinfecting sprays and wipes: Try to keep those out of sight but available. Replace them at the first signs of wear, too. If the toilet brush or mop starts getting a rusty tinge, throw them out ASAP.

The main thing here is this: It should look completely spotless. It should sparkle. And don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper

2. The Kitchen

Some guests don’t spend much time in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a good go-over after every check-out.

If you’ve got a dishwasher, invest in dishwashing pods that are designed to leave dishes streak-free so there’s no residue left on clean dishes that make them look dirty. Be sure to sweep every corner and under the cabinets for runaway Cheerios and other debris. If you’ve got a sink food disposal, consider cleaning it thoroughly with baking soda and white vinegar once a month so it stays fresh and doesn’t build up any weird smells.

Countertops should be streak-free and spotless. Cabinet and cupboard doors should be wiped down every month or two to remove fingerprints and residual grease. The kitchen can be a big job so be sure every nook and cranny looks like it’s part of a model home.

3. The Bedroom

The bedrooms are arguably the easiest spaces to clean after guests check out – take a deep breath! However, the bed making is SUPER important because it sets the first impressions for the guest. Great looking bed = good opinion on your home = 5-star review!

The main point here is to change the linens and ensure the bed is made nicely. Fluff the pillows and turn down the sheets. Vacuum or sweep every exposed flooring area and do your best to get under the bed. Don’t let any dust bunnies hide down there!

Treat the bedroom as if it’s a hotel room (find cleaners who can do “hotel-standard” bed making). If it looks cozy enough to relax in, your job is done.

4. Common Spaces

Living rooms, dining areas, and any other common spaces, much like bedrooms, require a little less headache when it comes to turnover time.

Ensure the floor is swept well and that cushions and throw pillows are fluffed and well arranged. Check all light bulbs to see if they’re working properly and change them if they’re out or they flicker. Make sure you’ve dusted your furniture – keep in mind that you should give some attention to table and chair legs and lower shelves and openings, too. Just because it’s not at the very surface doesn’t mean it won’t collect dust!

So there you have it: A simple, yet solid list of how to effectively manage your Airbnb turnover cleanings. Heck, we’ll do you one better and give you a downloadable

Is there demand in my area

Do a search on Airbnb in your area of interest. Then when you get your results, go through the listings and find some that are similar to your ideal listing that you want to create. Then identify the listings with the most reviews. After you identify your potential competitors, look at their calendars and get a look at how busy they are by their bookings. You can then sorta gauge what they are making by figuring their daily rate multiplied by 30. I doubt anyone is %100 booked all the time, so 60% is a good guide for an occupancy rate. In this business, you always have to be observant of the competition because things move so quickly and the windows of opportunity are smaller and smaller.

9 - Photographs  are what sells your property

When taking photos, consider adding some fine touches:
Prepare a wine and cheese plate for that outdoor space
Fold towels in the bathroom( I roll mine ) 
Ensure the bed is made
Add a photo or two of your biggest local attractions  

10 - Selling the Experience

“People choose Airbnb because they want a break from the everyday. They don't want a hotel they want something different
Create an Airbnb listing that focuses on experiences, the special somethings,not just the property facts.

Instead of:  Large modern kitchen
Say:  Walk to the local market and grab some gormet goodies to make a family feast in the beautifully appointed kitchen 

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