Our Top 5 Renovation Tips ! 

Renovating is  "in fashion"

Renovation shows are everywhere and it also just happens to be the best way to add value or increase your equity, and you get to choose the final touches.

With rising costs, escalating moving costs, government charges and kids staying home longer… Homeowners staying put and making home sweet home even sweeter with a nice ol Renovation.

Most renovations go over time and over budget is a bit scarey!!!  Of course if you have a RenoSave Trade card - this won't be you

Here are some great "RenoSave" DIY ways to keep costs down – and help your renovation  to come in under budget.

1. How to let light in without the cost of adding doors or windows

There aren't to many less expensive ways to bring natural light into your home.  Brighten up a windowless hallway or dark bathroom with a traditional skylight (less than $500) OR even better in my books is the Solar Skylight that doesn't involve cutting holes in the ceiling is easy to install and costs less.  This will so much value  as a light bright home feels better and rents better is so easy to do.

2.  Free  Renovation Products and  Trade Prices

Free and Second hand can be a great way to keep costs down - We have a great list of second hand business here

Left overs - When it comes to things like flooring/ insulation/timber, ask your tradie if he has materials left over from other jobs. It never hurts to ask – you may find that someone in his network is finishing a job and needs flooring/doors/windows removed from a site. It’s a win/win situation as they will have to pay to get rid of it.   
Facebook  - you may have some friends that have just what you want - it's worth the post

Here  is  a  BIG  Factor to consider  - TIME

Spending too much time chasing free or extra cheap items can cost you in the long run.

So if you can't get your hands on free or close to free gear within a day or two then.....

Buy at Trade prices with your RenoSave Super TradeCard - You will be saving a holidays worth of cash!

3. DIY - What things can you do yourself to save the most money

Even if you have no expertise, you can DIY and save money – provided you choose your tasks wisely.   These tasks are pretty easy and can save you some serious cash

  • Demolition  - pulling out that old kitchen / bathrooms ( get your plumber and electrician in first to disconnect!)
  • Installing insulation - the fiberglass or wool batts
  • Painting and sanding
  • Pick up and delivery
  • Installation of blinds and curtains
  • Rubbish removal

4.  Don't move electrical or plumbing unnecessarily

The unseen cost when renovating

Sinks, stoves or toilets can cost money to move  - so don't move them if you can avoid it.

Plumbing is one of the largest chunks of your renovation budget, and once you start moving pipes, renovation dollars end up down the drain. Especially if it is a concrete floor

Queenslanders make things easy to move so talk to your plumber and electrician first - ask for other options and look outside the box -- Plumbing may be on the other side of the wall.   

5.  Planning - Make your choices and stick with them

The Secret sauce to a successful renovation is planning.  Work out what you want and don't keep changing your mind  Everytime you do - it will cost you money

Be specific about your finishes  one persons "top end" is another persons "ordinary"
Once you know what fixtures and appliances you want you can shop around for a deal.  If you are getting a builder to do the job you will have a builders allowance.  This is where you can save buckets!  Use your RenoSave Super Tradecard to get your own builders discounts and buy them yourself.

Remember to check out what other properties in your area are doing though out the process - you don't want to overcapitalise - even if it is your own home, at the end of the day it is still an investment for you. Use our RPData package (Renosave Prices of course!) to keep an eye on the market  -  A MUST if you are serious about Renovating.   eg.  Are the prices on the rise, what are people asking for a property like yours at the moment . Marble may not be the best option in your area! 
I couldn't help myself...a bonus 6th tip

6.  Adding updated fittings to add value

This is so cheap and easy to do and yet it adds so much value

  • New curtains and rods
  • Update the light switches
  • Doorhandles
  • New Modern Taps  - especially the kitchen and bathroom

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