Energy and Vitality on the Job

I found working flat out on the job site really takes it out of you

Food options around the job site were not healthy and  if I didn't have time to make my own lunch - I was doomed to pies and other fast food which left a big drop in energy about 2-3pm


I found a product that gave me the energy to keep up with every one and still have energy left - plus its natural - even pregnant mums can have it

I have lost 7kg since using it and have so much more energy

If you are struggling with energy or nutrition

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Five tips for busy tradies' lunches


All tradies need a decent lunch to satisfy the appetite that comes from a long morning on the job - and provide an energy boost for the afternoon. Here are five tips that might help you to be as prepared and well nourished as possible.

Healthy choices

Firstly you should make an effort to be as health-conscious as you can - Try shopping at the Greengrocer
Long days and manual labour require a strong mind and body, so by concentrating on keeping the nutritional value of your meals high, you might discover that an extra energy boost helps you stay focused and get the job done right.
Fruit, vegetables, rice, lean meats and as always plenty of water should all form a significant part of your weekly shopping run.
Our Juicy Body Transformation Page has lots of Masterchef recipies  - ask me how to get onto them!!

Practical lunches on the run

Just as important as a low calorie count is practicality
Busy tradies often don't have the time or the means to create complicated lunches.
A few good ideas include chicken, cheese and lettuce rolls, home-made wraps, gourmet Greek salads and small tubs of yogurt, which you can either hold in one hand and munch on the move or tuck into with a plastic fork.
Clean Soy Protein Drinks that contain natural ingredients like alfalfa spounts, broccolli and pomegranite will keep you going all day!!

Make it Fast

Make up Salads on a Sunday  - you will have the whole weeks worth done and ready to go

Keep it fresh
A quality cooler bag or insulated lunch pack that keeps your food fresh.
There is nothing worse than sitting down to a lukewarm and soggy sandwich that has gradually deteriorated in the heat all day and that is the good side of it

Super snacks
You will be certainly be thankful for that apple, bag of almonds or trail mix or tin of tuna that only takes a few minutes to consume and keeps you on track