Provide your clients with an unforgettable gift

What if you sent your clients something that is worth thousands of dollars to them?

Wow  - how surprised would they be!
Most of the businesses who have done just that have loved receiving the excited calls of thanks from their clients. 
Rest assured they'll  remember you and tell their friends about you!!!

Gaining new clients and keeping old clients takes lots of time and money  - 6 times more money to get a new client...  You need something that will stick in their mind, so they come back to you!!

Gifting a RenoSave Card to your members  

A personalised RenoSave Super Trade Card will be sent to your chosen clients  - they get a physical card with  your name on it and theirs, so they will see who sent it to them every time they use it ( For orders over 1000 you can have your own branded design)

We provide them with a personalised letter from yourselves to go with the card

A welcome letter to explaining how to get maximum benefit on your behalf and explain how to log in and get access to member only areas and deals will be emailed as well.

We touch base with them personally to show them how to use the card and help them save - again mentioning you and your company so that you are in their minds eye.

Costing varies from $30 for small batches under 100 cards ( These can be purchased in larger amounts and sent as needed)
for orders between 100 - 500 the cost is $25,  500- 1000 the cost is $20 and  

Orders over 1000  are $15  and you get your own branding ( You choose the design in consultation with us) 

The Value to them ? ... if they were to purchase a RenoSave "Super Trade Card" from the website $97 for the first year  - Actual value? - thousands of dollars of savings!

If you would like to know more about how this could make a difference in your business  either fill in your details below or call Viv on 0403997111.  We look forward to helping you help your clients

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