Adding  new members to the RenoSave Member Spreadsheet 

When sales are received and email will be sent automatically to them giving them an invoice and log in details and to you notifying you of the sale 
A Number will be allocated to the member automatically  -

The member will however need to be entered into the RenoSave Member Spreadsheet manually ( it should be the next number if not go back and see if you have missed any sales) 

Entering Bulk Buy Sales

One of our Bulk Buy Partners has clients they would like to send cards to they will send you an excel spreadsheet  - you will have to adjust it to meet these headings

Card No/ First Name / Last Name/ Company Association/ Email/ Postal address/ Suburb / Post Code/ Country / Phone 

Copy and paste these details into the spreadsheet on Google sheets called "RenoSave Members" ( make sure this spreadsheet is up to date with any new sales  -  check under sales on the side tab of synergy )

Save it as a CSV file  - you will need this to export the members into Synergy8

To import members into Synergy 8

Go to the Contacts tab on LHS of synergy 8 
click import up the top 
Click upload from the computer 
locate and add the CSV file you made 
select from the drop down list the item that matches with your heading  - you need all of these headings 

First name  - Last name - Email - Address - Suburb - State - Postcode - Mobile No - Card no - Expiry

You can then preview import  

Under the Additional Settings  you can select the group you would like these members to go into 

You will need to set the group prior  (or open a new tab  - log in and add  a new group)

Sending  spreadsheet for card printing

Details are to be entered to google Sheet  - Ambassador Cards
Send the link to  Paris Hennessey

Copy from the Renosave members page into the front page of the Ambassador Card page 

The headings on this file are slightly different  - we do not send the email or phone just he postal address 
so check you have the correct headings 
Also Member name needs to be combined and the Number has an additional code at the front  

There is code in the spreadsheet that if copied down will do this automatically for you 

Then copy and paste into the monthly file so it is clear  which are the members we need cards printed for 

Check the sales page  - make sure there are no unsent items in red  - these can be added  - make sure their numbers are the same as what was sent out to them   The number in Synergy that was automatically setup is correct