Pricing and Sales 

Bulk Sales Ideas

We are targeting areas that are associated with property
Finance Brokers
Real Estates (Residential) that don't have property management
Buyers Agents

Sales Script 

Who do I talk to that does your marketing ?
Do you have a moment for me to run a quick idea past you ?
Renosave has been extremely successful in helping businesses like yours create a Wow Factor with their clients
It's an out of the box way to create better client retention and a great way to value add to your offering
Plus it's an awesome way to say "Thank You" and have your client remember you every time they save $$


Of course, you don't know who we are so how about I send you an email  and  link to our site so you can have a look and I can book in a time for Viv the CEO of RenoSave to give you a call

How does  ......... sound?
Great what is the best email and number and I'll book in a call and send you a calendar appointment

Links and groups to use

If they are interested in bulk buy

Add to Group Buy group and advise new members wanting the email to be sent

20min order  - 49      $30 
50-99  $25
Over 100 is $20  ( Min Price) Previously $15

If they are interested in affiliate

$49.50  they can sell at any price but suggested 20% discount $77.60 (RenoSave site price  is $97)
This gives your member a discount  and  your earnings would be $38.80 per sale 

Co-Branded Card Cost - to resellers like Rob :)

100 cards  $31 
250 Cards $24 
500 cards $18

Lifetime members   

Upgrade to Ambassador - Renosave Card  $39.95