Sale Process Website

A sale has been made on the Renosave Website 

Check for sales under the sale tab - any Renosave Sales will be highlighted by the need to send out in RED 
1 - check the speach bubble for any notes from the client and  check for notes on ASANA for special deals 

Promotions in the past  " 2 for 1"  "an extra 2 months on renewal"

2 - Add  new member to the Member sheet  ( Any new members will have to be added manually and given the next available number after the last sale )

3 - Add member to the Ambassador printing sheet

Add to the front page and also the latest monthly tab as well   - the Apricot line donates that the list has been sent off for printing and the person in apricot is the last on the list  - A new Month will need to be started after this person and any new members will need to be added to the new month

4 - Once added to the  Ambassador sheet you can now select processed on the Sales page and mark sent