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$99.00 AUD
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As a Property Investor, a Renovator or homeowner, trying to make the budget work…

You really can't afford to pay too much. Your budget going over the top or losing hours, days, or even weeks searching through end-of-runs, Gumtree, eBay, craigslist, graysonline, or a seemingly endless number of yard sales and local shops??  THAT is not a smart use of your time!

We are all busy people -  time is money!!!

With the RenoSave SUPER TRADE CARD, instead of having to deal with all of those frustrations, you can simply phone or fax an order, be done in a single hour, and STILL get the best price available.

A RenoSave Club Super Trade Card Maximises your Property Profits and puts money back in your pocket!

Quality renovation materials at the best price used to be hard and take a lot of time!.......Not anymore!

RenoSave  "Super  Trade Card"  allows you to make your property renovations at the fraction of the cost, by getting access to amazing products and services at the best prices, get access to other amazing resources that deliver great value. Even save you money when you go out to dinner or to the movies

RenoSave Club membership is only an investment of $99

What you get ...

    ✓    Thousands of dollars worth of potential savings on all things Property including Hardware - WORTH over $5000 a year
    ✓    Countless Hours saved - time to actually WORK on your renovation instead of finding the materials for it…
    ✓    Access to our dedicated team of expert renovators through the RenoSave hotline…
    ✓   Savings at restaurants, movies, grocery shopping, adrenalin and theme park tickets - WORTH over $2000 a year for some quality time with the family
   ✓    Access to our online portal so that you can easily find materials without ever leaving your home…

   ✓  Access to the RenoSave newsletter, which gives you expert tips and tricks on how to save even MORE money delivered straight to your inbox…

Undeniable proof of how stunningly effective the RenoSave Club is for this very satisfied RenoSave Card Holder

"Hi Viv, The renovation was completed early last week. The re-valuation came back $40K more than my actual cost!! Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions especially the privilege of being RenoSave card member to get very good prices and services from trades. I am having a holiday with kids and will be back to hunt for a next project. Though there were lots of road bumps along the way, It was so much fun."
Pam, Brisbane

No one Else is Offering deals like this...It is the best-kept secret for savvy real estate players and you can put your name on the list today by saying YES

So if you’re doing a renovation or are a property investor -  then what are you waiting for? Do the smart thing and get a RenoSave Club membership so you can start saving time, energy, and money right now!

Warm Regards,

The RenoSave Team