Home Staging "No Cost" Tips

Clutter Be Gone

If you have the house up for sale – it’s only a matter of time and you are going to have to pack it all into boxes  - so why not now?  Get rid of all the knick-knacks and other memorabilia and pack them up or Garage Sale them. 

Pick out anything that goes with your desired theme – preferably things that are modern but not in your face.  – The Frog collection definitely goes in the boxes


Clean Clean and then clean again  - you will be surprised how much difference it makes.  The bathroom should sparkle, get rid of soap scum – toilets should look and smell nice. Floors should shine and be dust free.   Finger marks be gone  - make that stainless steel shine.  A clean smelling house is very welcoming.


Take down the family photos  - people need to visualize themselves living there.  Maybe a mirror or two then they will see themselves lol.

Make it Neutral

Everyone has different taste  - you don’t want to put a buyer off because they hate the colour in the house.  Keep it neutral.  White beiges greys nothing that really says look at me.  You want them to walk in and say wow! not I hate that red rug.

Use small bursts of colour and texture in the furnishings

Fresh flowers, small trinkets modern cushions and throws

Make it Light and Bright

Use lamps and lighting to brighten up darker areas. – remove items that make the room dark like dark curtains or dark rugs


You’ve probably had your house working a certain way but take a step back and see how you can make the space feel more spacious.  Define what each area is used for.  Look at your furniture differently perhaps it can be used better in another room to make the best use of space.

If you need a bed in the spare room – use a blow up mattress or borrow one


As much as we love our pets not everyone will so we need to make them invisible.  Kitty litter and dog hair should be no here in site.  And I'm sure I dont have to tell you to do a "doggy do" run before anyone visits – Smelly dog Poo is a huge turn off!!!

From the Front

A few nice pot plants near the front door will make it look homely.  You may want to keep some of your garden plants so dig them up now and use them to brighten your home.  De cluttering outside is just as important as inside.  Tools in the garage and the kids toys in a neat area out the back.

It’s Trendy

Potential buyers like to see current trends  - it makes the home more modern and inviting.  If you don’t have any new pieces – borrow some from a friend.  Some modern cushions do wonders.  Perhaps you could borrow that new artwork that your bestie has..

Challenge yourself

It can be fun to see just what you can do without spending any money.  So go out and have fun!