What if it has a Designer Look but the Cost of the Op Shop?

There’s a magnificent amount of storage in those built-in wardrobes, but by golly they’re ugly!  What is needed is an easy-to-do technique for creating a sensational improvement in the appearance of older built-in laminated wardrobes at a tiny cost.
Dark brown timber-grain laminate doors (tastefully coordinated with orange plush-pile carpet...) on built-in wardrobes cover one entire wall of the main bedroom in the house in this Case Study.  The colour and style is dominating, intimidating, dull, depressing and has the effect of making the room feel smaller than it is.  It’s the Big-Ugly-Built-In. 

Big-Ugly-Built-In, in all your dark brown timber-grain laminated splendour – it’s time to go!


Before : Dark brown timber-grain laminate doors

However, whether you are going to live there yourself, or rent the house to a tenant, the storage space is needed and built-in wardrobes are not cheap to replace – especially when they cover an entire wall of a room, as they’re generally priced per lineal metre.

Obviously there will be plans to paint the walls and ceiling, remove the carpet and polish the floors (or replace the carpet if polished floors aren’t an option) and improve the window coverings (clean the window and screens, replace any outdated light fittings, modernise fans and power outlets and switches, but I digress...). 

The problem of the Big-Ugly-Built-In is actually the easiest and cheapest of all to solve and has as big a positive improvement on the room as removing that orange carpet!

That is, so long as the problem is approached the right way.

Information abounds about the use of laminate paints to transform kitchen cupboards.  Similarly, they can also be used to paint and transform other laminated surfaces, including wardrobe doors.  However, it can be even simpler than that. 

With the right product and technique, laminated surfaces can be painted more cheaply and simply with ordinary wall paint, which is even better for the appearance of the room, as it integrates the wardrobe with the room and prevents it from standing out like a separate feature.  With laminate paints, they can be expensive and it is necessary to choose from the available colour range, whereas with the technique we describe, the colour choice is limited only by your imagination.  In the case of built-in wardrobe doors we recommend light, crisp, white or neutral colours, but if you happen to apply this technique to furniture, for example, a wider colour choice may inspire.  But don't be fooled - you can't just paint 'ordinary' paint over the top of the laminate! 

After : Crisp, clean, elegant doors blend seamlessly into the room

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