A fabulous renovation sometimes has the effect of highlighting just how shabby, outdated and in need of replacement some sofas and lounge settings can be.  If this has happened to you, and you are in the market for a new chair, sofa, lounge suite or sofa bed, then you cannot go past Factory Direct Furniture for quality, exceptional value, service and choice. 
Perhaps you are preparing an investment property to rent out as fully furnished.  Factory Direct Furniture sofas are so sturdily built they will withstand less-than-tender treatment and the prices so affordable that you’d be foolish not to select pieces for your furnished investment property from their range.

Introducing Factory Direct Furniture (FDF).  FDF is a lounge and sofa manufacturer that sells direct to the public. Their furniture is made it on site in their factory in the Brisbane suburb of Geebung. They offer the best quality possible and fair prices – there are no ‘middle man’ or retail ‘add-ons’.  You don’t have to pay full retail prices when you buy directly from the manufacturer.




There are many important things to remember when considering a lounge but there are three critical things to be aware of : a) the frame b) the cushioning and c) the fabric.

a) FDF frames are commercial grade frames. All joins are nailed AND glued and all corners are braced. Where importers use 25mm timber FDF use 50mm. Where they put cardboard on the arms FDF use timber. FDF frames are built so that they don't get them back! Make sure you know how the frame has been made before you buy a lounge. The last thing you want is for the frame to break – and a lot do. Without a strong heavy frame your lounge will not last.

b) FDF cushioning is made from high quality 35 density premium foam. The Australian standard (although rarely enforced) is 30 density. This means FDF foams are significantly above the required standard and, as a consequence, will last longer and be more comfortable than what is in most furniture (particularly imported). Where fibre is used, it is high quality siliconised fibre sewn in covers with pockets to avoid sagging. If the cushioning is not high density it cannot and will not last.

c) FDF fabrics. Fabrics can make a lounge appear cheap and of great value when, in reality, it can be just the opposite. Fabrics can range from the cheap and very "nasty" $2 or $3 per metre range through to more than $100 per metre. We do not use or sell any fabrics under $10 per metre as what you will most likely get in the under $10/m range is problems.




A warranty where you need to return your sofa to the retail store at your own cost, have them assess it and, if there is something wrong with it, incur more cost for the delivery of the replacement with the replacement being more of the same poor quality – is not a warranty. FDF offer a warranty whereby they come to you at their cost and fix the lounge at their expense if the fault is theirs.All FDF lounges come standard with : 

• Commercial grade frames – 10 year warranty
• High density premium cushioning – 10 year warranty
• Black cat cushion support system (the best on the market) – 10 year warranty
• A factory workmanship guarantee – 10 year warranty



FDF are different from other outlets because what you see on the website or at the showroom is only a sample of what they create or what they can create for you.  In a retail store what you see is what you get but with FDF you can buy what you see or you can make changes.
• If you see a corner suite you like but want a 2 or 3 seater instead of the corner - FDF can do this
• If you like a design but the seating is too soft or too hard - FDF can change the feel
• If you like a design but the colour doesn't suit – FDF can change the fabric
• If you like the design but it doesn't quite fit the space you have - FDF can make the lounge bigger or smaller
• FDF can change the width of the arms
• FDF can offer a range of different feet on any lounge
• FDF can offer foam or fibre backs
• and FDF can scotch guard for extra protection
• FDF can put a sofa bed in most designs - even corners designs
• FDF can do all designs with or without a chaise
• FDF can make each chaise fixed or reversible
• FDF can colour coordinate so that the scatters or ottoman can match in with your curtains or floor

FDF can do this because FDF make it. FDF products are made in the very factory you purchase from or, if not, they are made in other Queensland factories by fellow Queenslanders, except in the rarest of cirucumstances. 




FDF is a proud member of the Queensland Furniture Industries Association (QFIA). FDF abide willingly by the QFIA code of conduct. FDF do not compromise on quality and yet, because they don’t have the big retailer’s overheads, we can deliver a genuine cost saving for a better product.



FDF timbers come from sustainable forests.FDF foams are made in the most environmentally friendly factories in the world and cause minimal damage to our environment.  This sets FDF apart from unscrupulous manufacturers and importers focussed only on low cost and high sales volumes.
FDF workers are trained and professional and work in a clean and sanitised disease free environment.
No products used by FDF are contaminated with formaldehyde.
FDF are accountable at all times for everything they do.


The benefits of purchasing your sofas and lounge suites from FDF are many :
• you can choose the fabric you want
• you can choose the colour you want
• you can choose the cushioning you want (soft, medium, hard)
• you can choose the feet you want
• you can have your lounge built in any combination you require : chair, 2 seater, 2.5 seater, 3 seater, settees
• you cut out the retail margin
• you have a genuine guarantee
• you are supporting environmentally practicing and minimizing your impact on the environment
• you are supporting Australian industry

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