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And what’s the first thing you think of when you renovate?  That’s right – Painting!  The “biggest bang for your buck”.

Wattyl is the largest Australian-owned paint manufacturer.  Wattyl has been around for almost 100 years, employs over 1000 in Australia and New Zealand and is committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. They are not merely meeting their customers’ expectations but are striving to exceed them.

Wattyl produces a broad range of paints, varnishes, lacquers and special purpose protective coatings, which are used in commercial and industrial markets, as well as the domestic market where they are an iconic Australian brand.

Wattyl does not just make paint.  Wattyl has an entire portfolio of leading brands, including :

Wattyl Solagard (exterior)
The Solagard Total Protection Technology will provide painted surfaces with maximum protection in any weather or climate and will keep the surface looking better for longer.

Amazingly, Wattyl Solagard has a 15 Year Warranty Against flaking, peeling and blistering when applied as directed.

Wattyl Solagard has a number of outstanding qualities :

 - UV Block Out
 - Flexible – Resists Cracking and Peeling
 - Stays Clean – Has a UV ‘cross link’ feature that resists dirt accumulation
 - Breathable – Resists Blistering
 - Self Priming
 - 100% Acrylic – Resists Chalking and Fading
 - Inhibits Mould and Mildew
 - Made in Australia for Australian Conditions
Solagard comes in a range of sheen levels and finishes.

Wattyl Estapol (timber)
Wattyl Estapol is Australia's best known name in clear timber finishes and is renowned for its durable performance and beautiful finish. Estapol protects the natural beauty of timber products whilst enhancing the texture, tone and grain of timber.  There are products for exterior timber, including an exterior timber cleaner, deck  stain, paint and oil.  The Wattyl Woodcare Exterior range of products has been created especially for the home handyman. The products are ideal for home use and allow the everyday home renovator to achieve outstanding results every time.
For interior woodwork, there are both water based and polyurethane products available in a variety of gloss, satin, matt and high gloss finishes.
There are also a variety of flooring finishes available for achieving glorious timber floors.


Wattyl Killrust (metal finishes)
The Wattyl Killrust system is the superior system to protect metal surfaces and makes painting metal an easy three step process. The system is specially formulated to rejuvenate, beautify and protect metal surfaces.

Step 1: Prepare  
The Killrust range of preparatory products provide superior solutions for preparing rusted metal, clean steel as well as those ‘difficult to reach’ surfaces.  See the Wattyl website for available products.
Step 2: Prime  
Killrust primers contain rust inhibiting pigments designed to chemically fight rust and create a protective barrier. Excellent adhesion properties provide a sound base for top coating. See the Wattyl website for available products.
Step 3: Topcoat
The range of Killrust topcoat products are designed to provide superior protection when used in accordance with the Killrust System Guide. Topcoat products include an Epoxy Gloss Enamel for general metal coating applications, and also a Satin Enamel.  Interestingly, Wattyl also do a ‘Hammer Finish’ product which is a decorative coating that hides imperfections – what a great idea.  There is also a Killrust Roof Paint which, amongst other benefits, is safe for use on areas used for the collection of drinking water.


Wattyl Interior Design i.d (interior)
Wattyl Interior Design i.d wall finishes look better for longer by using the latest technology for superior wash, scuff and stain resistance and is available in 3 elegant sheen levels to suit any interior project. Wattyl Interior Design i.d also offers a wide selection of designer colours, easier low odour application and a smooth even finish.  Wattyl Interior Design i.d is endorsed by the Good Environmental Choice of Australia for its low low impact on the environment.  Wattyl Interior Design i.d is is virtually odour free so you can occupy freshly painted areas without delay. Also it is less likely to have an impact on those who are sensitive to chemicals such as the elderly, infirm or infants.  From walls to ceilings and undercoats to trims, try the complete Wattyl ‘Eco System’ of durable, low-odour products for your next interior project.

The Wattyl Eco System products are:
  • Interior Design i.d Luxury Low Sheen
  • Interior Design i.d Silky Satin
  • Interior Design i.d Contemporary Matt
  • Interior Design i.d Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
  • Interior Design i.d Ceiling White
  • Aquatrim Gloss
  • Aquatrim Satin


The Wattyl range also includes products from Pascol  (interior and exterior), Solver (interior and exterior) and Wattyl and Taubmans (New Zealand).    More information is available on the Wattyl website on these ranges and their applications.

On the Wattyl website you can also download the latest in fashion colours and inspiring colour schemes.  Technical data are available and contact numbers for Customer Care are easily found.

A browse around the Wattyl website and the fabulous amount of inspiration it and feeling of confidence in the product and company it creates, let alone the technical support and backup, makes one want to get into a painting project right away!

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Remember, even if you don’t feel like updating your colour scheme or taking on a major renovation project, houses need to be maintained.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the age-old saying goes.  Don’t wait until the wood has rotted, the gutters and downpipes have rusted and the place has started falling apart.  Plan some maintenance now using Wattyl and preserve the life of your home and structure so you don’t have to carry out expensive repairs one day.