Renovation Away From Home

You've found the perfect deal - It's just like the last one you did the numbers stack up everything is perfect but it happens to be 2 hours from home  -  it's ok it's only 2 hours right...

Well I've found a few things that I didn't expect

When I did my numbers for this reno I used my numbers from a previous job that was just like it  - Oops

I have found that some areas have a huge price range for tradies and products.

Even thought this area was only 2 hours away the cost of trades was 10% more  - doesn't sound much but when you add that to trades by the hour  it can add up This area was having a bit of a boom so trades were in demand and they could ask what they liked.

Added to that, the cost of shipping product to the area added to the bottom line.  This wasn't across the board however  - places like Harvey Norman Commercial shipped and Aircon, stand alone stove, rangehood and dishwasher for $38.50 which is there standard price anywhere - thank you!

You really have to get a whole new team together. As with any job when you get a good tradie they usually work with a group of other good tradies and I have used this principle to get some good workers on site and thankfully it has worked.  I did also pay extra for one of my faithful tradies to travel to the job and that has been a god send - having someone you know and can rely apon is somethink akin to a baby's blanky...

Some products were hard to source and because they were so busy I found it cheaper and easier to get it from my know suppliers and pick them up or get them delivered  - Kitchens had a huge lead time up here which I couldn't wait for so I used Comfit Kitchens  and they delivered for me.

I decided to travel to and from everyday - this adds a cost of it's own  - Wear and tear on the vehicle and well as fuel costs.  Plus it was an extra 4 hours to each day, that  made home life extra tricky plus was very tiring

The benefit was being able to oversee the work and keep the job running to schedule.  I liken myself to a firefighter some days  - puting out fires as they arise.   I'm sure you know what I mean  - That tap won't work, something is cracked, something didn't get delivered, oops theres a hole......

I like to be a bit hands on too,  so while I'm not putting out fires I do a bit of paintng  (it seems like a lot and looks like it as I've been using oil based and have the "paint scars" to proove it), plastering of a fashion, sanding, lifting, I control the skip bin (no thowing out bits of champher or VJ that I may need)

Being away from home means not having the ability to run home when you have split your pants!  (Yes it was feeling a wee bit drafty and whilst enjoyable on such a hot day - not a good look.  Luckly I had my spare shirt in the car to do a coverup!!)

So Far The Likes

Keeping tabs on the renovation process
Having input
Keeping costs down

The Dislikes

The Driving
The extra cost to get to site
Cost to the Family


I think the type of Reno probably makes a difference

I've had reno's done by property managers before and it works well if you are a long way away and can't afford the time.  If it is a rental property and just needs a tizzy up I think it works well

This job is a bit more involved and going back to the market at the higher end of the market so I wanted more involvement (although I don't think the 4am starts were in my mind when I made that decision...)

Happy Renovating