Skip Bins Tips - When you have a load of Rubbish

Don't let other Trades Using your Bin -

When you get your quotes ask if rubbish removal is included -
Remind them on the day they are to remove their rubbish from site.  
My painter filled up the skip with paint cans on arrival from another job!!!
It didn't happen a second time I can tell you!

Rubbbish just thown in is a No No!

Stack sheets of timber or iron at the bottom and along the sides
Make sure all long timbers, pipes etc are run in the same direction
Put your large Items in first and stack around them

Reuse before you Dump

Put your old timber aside and only thow out at very the end of the job

I was known as the "Skip Nazi" and had kept everything in piles around the site, then nearing the end had a huge clean up and you guessed it I needed VJ that was at the bottom and I was in the bin getting it out before it went  - Fun fun fun

Plus it's Handy to keep a couple of bits of moldings and flooring Just in case you need to patch a hole

Weight Limits

You may be able to put it in but you may overload the bin

If you have heavy material like bricks and concrete  you may only be able to half fill the bin.  Perhaps top up with light material like branches

A good friend of mine had to unload a skip and I'm sure that wasn't much fun

No Nos
Asbestos - a definate No ( Some councils tips will take it but it usually has to be double wrapped in stong black plastic and you need to check for limits and safety precautions in handling it - Be safe - not sorry)

Paint  - Ok if it's solid - so open your cans and let it dry out or pour onto some paper
Chemicals  - No Sorry  off to the dump

Recycle the Metal Items

Copper is worth a bit so you could stack it away and get a tidy some for it from the metal recyclers
Or if it's just a small amount and you want to create friends

Plumbers usually will take away old pipe and Hot Water Systems and recycle
Electricians  will recycle the old wiring

Recycling Link

Protect your Paths

Driveways are built to handle heavier weights - Pathways are not and will crack easily

GUM TREE - eBay  and the Tender Centre

Make a bit of money to pay for the skip  - some things like windows and doors will sell on ebay so it's a good idea to give it a go first - Gum Tree is free and localised  and if you are lucky enough to have a tender center they are worth checking out

Recycle Yards

If it gets to the end of the job you should ask the local recycle centres to come and have a look.  They may offer you a tidy sum for your leftovers.  At the very least they may take a lot away for nothing.

Ask your tradies if they want any of it after the job! - maybe get a freebie in return