TOP 10 Kitchen Fixes to Give Your Property the Edge

You may be renovating to sell, renovating to rent out or renovating to improve your own home.  Whilst the end purpose of the completed project may vary, and the corresponding budget and schedule may vary, the intention will be the same : you will be renovating for the greatest possible return.


In striving for the greatest possible return, the goal is always the same :

 maximize on result --> minimize on dollars spent

Maximise on Result : this is the sale price if selling, the weekly rental if leasing out, and functionality, lifestyle enhancement and enjoyment if the kitchen is in your own home.

Minimise on Dollars Spent : this is the minimum dollars you can spend to get a kitchen that does what it needs to do and also survive the environment is serves.

The first goal – Maximise on Result – is easy if you visit the right kitchen shop for your kitchen.  A kitchen shop who immerses themselves in the latest European styles and trends and incorporates clever innovations in to their design, such as soft-close drawers as standard in all kitchens.  A kitchen shop who delivers your completed kitchen in half the industry standard time, and delivers such a high quality product that they give kitchen components a 10 year warranty and hinges and drawer runners a lifetime warranty.  And a kitchen shop that has a range of price options to suit all budgets and can suggest to customers how they might make savings but still get a suitable result.  A kitchen shop like RenoSave Partner, Kitchen Connection.

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A coat of paint and a garden make-over are standard pre-sale steps for owners looking to boost the sale price of their property in the market.  But for an increasing number of property owners, a kitchen upgrade is now providing the real return on investment, as the kitchen in increasingly becoming the heart of the home.  An attractive, up-to-date and functional kitchen is a huge positive that can tip a sale, while inefficient, tired and badly designed kitchens are a real turn-off. [1]

The kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of the home.  Make sure that your home, and your investment properties meet the needs and demands of renters and home buyers in the market today, and take heed of Kitchen Connection’s Top 10 fixes to give your property the edge.

Top 10 Kitchen Fixes to Give Your Property The Edge

1. Replace old benchtops with new, sleek stone or stone-look benchtops
2. Replace cabinetry with new, fashionable high-gloss finishes
3. Go for today’s sleek look with no cabinet handles
4. Replace a single sink with a double and upgrade the tapware
5. Follow the European trend and opt for drawers rather than cupboards
6. Update your kitchen’s mood with sleek, modern lighting options
7. Select a neutral colour scheme that will appeal to a wide range of buyers, adding splashes of colour with a few well-chosen accessories or a painted feature wall that buyers can easily change if they wish
8. Integrate the colour scheme and look of the kitchen with adjacent living rooms for a coherent style
9. Hide away appliances that are not stand-out showpieces
10. Revamp or replace grotty tiles and splashbacks

The message is clear.  Sleek kitchens sell! 

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Image Courtesy of Kitchen Connection website, with thanks.

[1] Information courtesy of Gail Sullivan, National Marketing Manager, Kitchen Connection