Virtual Property Staging            

What is it?

We furnish your photos of your house or unit  intead of furinishing your actual property and at a fraction of the price of traditional staging


Ideal for Property Investors
When you try to rent a property that has tenants furniture in it  - it sometimes doesn't look so good
However an empty house looks unloved
Most Tenants will expect the property to be empty anyway so the fact that the furniture isn't there is not a problem

When you don't have the money for Physical Staging at least people will see the property in a more desirable way


a) Saves you a considerable amount of money ( It's Approx $3000 -5000 to stage a property for 4-6 weeks and only $120 for Virtual Property Staging)
b) Staging presents your property in the best way ( Furniture always makes a property look inviting, loved and lived in)
c) Prevents any damage that moving furniture causes

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential buyer or renter.  You want them to see the potential your property has and that is what Virtual Staging does for you in an instant

Here are some examples...

Turnaround Time = 48-72 hours

Cost = $50 per  photo
Renosave Members get a $10 Discount

We can remove unwanted items from the photo as well it will be a quoted price  usualy around  $20-30 more

About the Photos

Get professional ones if you can - You want the best impact and remember you can reuse these if you are renting your property

Need to take photos yourself?  -

Here are some helpful tips to get a better result....  

  • Make sure you take them from normal height not the floor or ceiling  -
  • Have good lighting - Put all the lights on and use a flash if you have one
  • Dont stand where you want the furniture to be -
  • Use a wide angle lens if you have one.